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Oct 13, 2004
Has anyone(know someone) tried this? (Glyconutrient Supplimentation)
Was it effective?
Any thoughts?

The following is an excerpt of an article by Peter Smith and Kelly Ramsey

The authors explain that, according to the newly emerging technology of glycobiology (the study of sugars), it could be glyconutrients (simple sugars), rather than proteins as has been previously argued in the scientific community, that are responsible for cellular communication and cellular recognition.

Eight essential saccharides (carbohydrates) have recently been identified as necessary building blocks of all of our cells. It is the cell surface glycoconjugates - glycoproteins - created that assist in the immune system's ability to detect and fight viruses, diseases and toxins, but inbuilt errors of metabolism (e.g. the lack of an enzyme or vitamin) prevent the body from manufacturing these essential nutrients through natural glycosylation.

As, unlike our ancestors, we now have to deal with increasing pollution together with the declining nutritional value of our food, the authors suggests that nutritional supplementation is the only answer to our bodies' constant struggle these days to heal, correct and repair themselves.

Four case studies are presented to illustrate the effectiveness of glyconutrient supplementation in the treatment of serious diseases: streptococcal toxic shock syndrome; Pemphigus vulgaris; bladder cancer, Lyme disease and lipomas; and Down's syndrome and asthma. Research findings and references are included to support the efficacy of glyconutrient supplementation.

I have had asthma all of my life and I am now 53 years old. In the last recent 4 years it became so bad that a Dr. for allergy put me on so many prednisone's that it almost destroyed my immune system. I ended up having infusion treatments with Gamma Gard for over a year (intravenously that took 4 hours once a month) Needless to say I was fed up with Dr.'s and medicine. I was introduced to Gllyconutrients recently and believe me it's no hype. I take the required dosage twice a day and have not used any steroids, albuterol inhalers not even an advil. It works! In fact I am an Associate with Mannatech. You need to check the website out people are being totally healed but it's like food if you eat every day of your life you will have to stay on your nutrients the rest of your life. Some took the nutrients and quit then the symptoms came back. Because of processed foods, drugs, bad water, YOU NEED THESE 8 ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS IN YOUR BODY TO FUNCTION PROPERLY.

Hope this info. has helped you if not let me know and I can send you more info.

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