Glyconutrients And ALS - (ScamWatch)

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Feb 17, 2005

i'm from halifax, nova scotia.

i've been helping folks to integrate glyconutrients into their daily regimen.
idividuals with als often see significant enhancements to their health when taking glyconutrients as part of their wellness program.

I've investigated the glyconutrient websites and I have a question for you:

It makes some pretty major claims...why isn't the New England Journal of Medicine, or one similar, making a major announcement as to a possible cure?

Just wondering...

I'm writing from Halifax, N.S.
Is it only possible to buy glyconutrients on the internet or are there stores, in Canada, that you can buy them? If not, does any one know of any Canadian companies / url sites that sell the supplements.
Hi Tara you have the same name as my daughter. As far as I know you can only buy Glyconutrients from a so called distributor. They are a loosly based pyramid scheme. You buy from them and get your friends to buy them too thereby reducing your cost. I'm not sure if they work but Pals Mike on this site feels that they are working for him. I do respect his opinion but question the sales technique they use. If you go to cdn and ask Mike he will be able to put you in touch with someone selling them. Just be prepared to pay a lot of money for something that hasn't really been proven to cure anything or make ALS more pleasant. But nothing in the medical community has made it any easier either. So let the buyer beware as they say. Don't just buy something because you have heard it will do miraculous things. Be cautious and be informed. Ask more questions here if you need to. Most of us will give an honest opinion. Some have been there done that and know of what we speak.
Glyconutrients are not a CURE for anything...

It's a nutritional supplement.
Thanks for putting it in perspective Mike. As I said they are not for every one but some people are having good results. So Let the buyer beware. Do your homework and don't believe everything you read or hear. Look at everything twice or three times. Be aware that there are people that will take advantage of someone looking for hope. Forewarned is forearmed.
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