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Jul 15, 2006
I have taken Glutathione with a good degree of success. I would like to hear from other PALS that have tried it, or had some experience with it.

I have been told over & over that there is NO help or treatment for ALS. But, I am not willing to accept this - there HAS to be something that will cure ALS, we just have not found it yet! There seems to be a very alarming attitude to discount any treatment that is outside the Medical Norm. The neurologist that diagnosed me would not consider the fact there could be something out there. My extreme fear is that one day someone is going to come up with a cure and it will be ignored or tossed away because it did not come from the right source.

Here is my story;

My symptoms started in Dec 2004 or Jan 2005.
I was noticing some weakness in my left hand and some dexterity issues. I kept looking for a reason throughout the first half of last year. I was hoping it was just a pinched nerve in my spine. By summer (6 months after 1st symptom) I was starting to have severe trouble with my right hand as well. (left>right) It was getting very uncomfortable not knowing what was going on. It took a while to convince my MD that it was more than stress causing this. Finally Aug 9th I saw a neurologist and was told I had ALS. Throughout August and early September things were getting worse. Another neurologist at the ALS centre in Vancouver verified the diagnosis. They tracked how fast I was declining and told me to go home, get my affairs in order as I would be dead within 2 years. They said "There is nothing we can do for you." NICE!

I went to a Naturopath, who had a good reputation for helping people, and we discussed my situation. He had a few things that would slow it down, but also re-enforced the fact there is no cure. I came back home to adjust to this news and try to come to grips with my imminent death. By the end of September I could not dress myself as my hands had deteriorated to that degree. I was getting extremely concerned. Went back to see the Naturopath, he had just gotten back from a fact-finding excursion and had a deep smile on his face. Long story short.....he corresponded with some colleagues in Germany. They had started experimenting with Glutathione about 6 months previous and said that in ALL their patients the progression stopped - it is NOT a cure, but it did stop the progression. He brought some glutathione back with him and I had my first injection. I learned how to do an IV, we ordered some glutathione and started the treatment daily.

My condition actually improved over the next month. I was once again able to do the buttons up on my shirt and do my pants up! I could even pick up a pen and write again. PRAISE GOD!
It stabilized right there and held until I developed an allergy to the medication in March (this year). After consulting with the naturopath it was decided that I should go off it for awhile. After 2 weeks my hands got much worse so I pushed for my next appointment date. I was off for 3 weeks in total. He de-sensitized me to the glutathione and I went right back on it! Also, my liver was overloaded with toxins and needed some help to flush the toxins glutathione was ridding my system of. Because it is such a powerful de-toxifier, as well as an anti-oxident, you need to pay attention (in the early stages) until the bulk of toxins are flushed. I will NEVER be off Glutathione again, I lost a lot of ground and it did not come back this time, but is holding again. My liver is fine now as well.

It was good to be off the Glutathione for time as it definitely confirmed whether it was working for me or not - THERE IS NO DOUBT - IT WORKS!

I do an "IV Push" of 7ml daily.

I get the glutathione from my Naturopath. Some drug stores also have labs that can mix this up. I prefer to buy my medication from the naturopath as he can check me for sensitivity to each bottle before I purchase it. I am not taking any more chances!

I am also taking Carbonylgruppen to help with muscle cramping. It is also helping.

I welcome your comments, questions and experiences. I have found this to work extremely well for me and have proved it to myself by discontinuing it's use for a time.

We are all in this fight together - I share this in the hopes it can help others as it has helped me.

God Bless us all as we seek to find help - together we can beat this.

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Glutathione smells like a scam to me. Cure all for everything from ALS to the stress of day to day living.

This is all text book scam material.
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A Crock

"They tracked how fast I was declining and told me to go home, get my affairs in order as I would be dead within 2 years."

For those who have ALS, with diagnoses from ALS CLINICS, you will see this post as B.S. No doc is going to say the above. We all have a new life with exceptional experiences to come. how you deal with them is your decision.

moderator i really question who this new member is and the information given

Are you people for real?

I tell you a true story about myself and you think I am promoting a scam?

Sorry I found something that works - see you in the next life, maybe.

I would also encourage you to read your mission statement at the top of the page.

It states "to ask questions and share experiences"

Re-read what I wrote.
I did question this and went to the site mentioned. I'm not a doctor but it does sound like a too good to be true story. If Joe says it worked for him, well maybe it did and maybe it didn't. He didn't post any advertising about it so he's on the borderline of bogus and bull but each person has to make up their own mind about what they want to do. I try not to interfere with postings unless I am really sure someone is scamming or selling. I hope that suits most of us. AL.
Hi there

I posted a note to mike27, he had said at the end of May that in a couple weeks he was going to try the Glutathione iv. Didn't come across an update. Did anyone else? Just curious. My Best to all Beebe
I went looking and haven't found an update from him. His blog makes no mention of it either.
I don't take Glutathione myself, but I can tell you what it is. It is a compound classified as a tripeptide, and the body produces it from the amino acids, cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that is produced in the liver, where it detoxifies harmful conpounds so they can be excreted through the bile. It also helps maintain the integrity of red blood cells and protect white cells. There are several other things that it is used for but so as not to get to long I won't list them all. People should educate themselves before they run other people down. A deficiency of Glutathione first effects the nervous system, causing such symptoms as lack of coordination, mental disorders, tremors and difficulty maintaing balance. Howdy

After just a few hours of looking into Glutathione i must confess this suppliment is the next cure all. type "Glutathione MARKETING" into a search. the opportunities seem great! type 'Glutathione" and it shows from teeth whitening to cancer. it does say that no cinical trials have proven the claims but i have found no harm yet stated so i'm going to my doc next week an tell him off for not advising me of this treatment! sorry guys for speaking soon.

OH....this is my docs credentials :

Medical Education
Mayo Medical School, Rochester, MN, 1979

Neurology, University of California, San Diego, 1983

University of California, San Diego, 1980

Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, 1984; National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, 1986

Board Certifications
American Board of Neurology, 1986; Subspecialty Certification in Clinical Neurophysiology, 1992; American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine, 1989

Professional Activities and Awards
Clinical Associate Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine; Member, American Academy of Neurology; Member, American Electroencephalographic Society; Member, American Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine; Director, Seattle Site of the Western A.L.S. Study Group; Board Member, A.L.S./ C.A.R.E. Advisory Board

Special Interest(s)
Neuromuscular disease, clinical neurophysiology, dystonia, Botulinum therapy
Thank you,

I am glad you did not totally write this off before doing some research.

I really hope some more people try it so we can compare results.

I have been taking it for almost a year and it is working in my situation. So far I have only found one other person who has tried it, he did not have the results I did. But the doseage needs to be high, not sure at what level he was taking it, or what frequency.

I am willing to share whatever information I can, just ask, or email me.


Dang, Joelc, you can take a little heat! hope to hear about your daily life besides this stuff.

have a beer on me :)
Thanks Tracy22 - I had 2 beer and pretended one was for you and we were having them together.

Take care!
Ya, careful everyone; looks like a "catch all - cure all", and judging by the number of people selling it online, and purchasing pay-per-click advertising to market it, it's what it is, a business, not a treatment.

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I asked my neuro about it today and he says don't believe everything you read. It can't cure all the stuff the site says it will. Sooo, my friends I would take it with a grain of salt but I wouldn't take it. Joel seems a little sensitive for a guy who says he is not " Promoting" the product.
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