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ruby ben

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Jan 17, 2006
B. C.
Vancouver (Surrey)
Hi - I hope you don't mind me getting things off my chest. I don't want to complain and worry my family so you are it!
Things I discovered in the last week.
My right foot is now smaller, I wear two socks on that foot when I wear shoes.
I just realized my upper thigh is 1 inch smaller in circumference than my left.
I don't know if it is just my imagination but when I woke up today I was slightly dribbling - this really scares me.
There - I feel better..................ruby from vancouver (surrey)
P.S. I meant "drooling" from my mouth.......................ruby
Aww Ruby--Sorry you were feeling upset, but it's a good thing to write when you feel that way. I hope you can concentrate more on the things that are still the same, keep doing the things you like to do, instead of worrying about what is lost or changed. However, that's all too easy for me to say, I'm not the PALS. But if you need to vent and complain, or tell us about something wonderful you've accomplished, please share...we're all in it together. Take care and enjoy each day!


It is okay to vent. You go right ahead, I understand. No I do not have als my husband does and I can honestly say everything he feels I am right there to feel it to. Maybe not the same way but I feel the impact of this disease. I have an illness not als but another one and I sometimes need to vent, it is funny to see the cows in the field stare at me when I have a little yell in the field. Sometimes you just gotta let it out and not hold everything inside. This hurts and it hurts alot. Everyone here is so kind and caring and we do not mind if you just vent. I would say to my doctor sometimes this illness of mine am I ever going to be well again, they said they were optimistic well that really does not tell me much. I have to say when you feel sad let yourself feel sad, feel, angry, feel like crying, have a good cry it is okay.

Ok Ruby hope you take this in the vein it was intended but sure glad you got the drool off your chest. Also glad you clarified the dribbling. I saw that and thought oh oh this could bring up an interesting subject. Hope you're feeling better today.
Guess it's not today out there yet is it?
im close

mornings are kind of whacked out 4 me but settle tHings out around noon. stange question from this guy measure their progress by What they cant do? and gals how manny inches lost?
Thanks all for your replies. I always get a chuckle from you Al.
I was not upset nor do I think I dwell on my changes. I have not been completely diagnosed yet and when I find even a small change, that hope I have of not having ALS is dashed a little.
I go for my 4th emg in two weeks but I understand as I am only at 3 1/2 years they will probably not tell me much, we shall see...............ruby from vancouver (surrey)

P.S. Al, Keep on giving us all a smile.
... glad you cleared up the dribbling issue... although it would have been interesting to see where the moderators might go with it! ... but vent away any time you feel ilke!

Have you forgotten you are a moderator too? It would go where you let it go. Like you say though. Let it be said when it needs to be said. Still haven't seen that low flying chopper over west O'Ville yet.
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