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Apr 27, 2007

Im 39, about 9 months ago I got a very bad virus; fever, cold symptoms etc. At the end of the virus I started getting muscle twitching in my legs, then it spread to my arms. My doctor said he thought it was some rare reaction to the virus. About 3 months after that my left calf started hurting and it hasn't gone away and neither has the twitching. The calf pain feels like a pulled muscle that won't heal. My legs feel very stiff and weak although I can still stand on my toes, heels etc. I try to exercise, I used to be a very very active person before all of this happened, in fact I thought I might have Lyme disease because we were hiking shortly before I got sick, but Ive been tested twice and it's negative. After any small exertion I am in so much pain, I can't exercise again for at least a week. I had an EMG that was negative about 3 months ago. A few days ago I had an eye exam and my eye doc asked me if I was getting double vision at the end of the day, he noticed that my right eye was loosing muscle control- he said it was very slight though, but it was a neurological thing and I should inform my regular doc. I went to see my GP and told him and he still thinks it is from the virus, I have had many Epstien Barr virus tests and the always show an active infection, although I thought this really didn't mean much, my doc thinks it is the cause of my problems. Needles to say, given the twitches, the stiff legs, the pain and now the eye thing, I am scared to death of ALS. Does this sound like ALS?


Hi Gina - I am really sorry you are going through the illness you describe. I really don't think it is als, especially with the eye muscle problems. als is said not to effect the eye muscles. My neuro specifically asked me if I had a virus before my symptoms started. You need to go to a neuro, especially with the positive epstein-barr. That has been known to cause myasthenia gravis. I wouldn't worry about als, though, I really think it is due to a virus, but you still need a neurologist. It would be best to go to a neuromuscular clinic. I hope I have helped some, I am sure others with more insight will be posting. Let us know if you get to a neuro. Good luck. Leslie
Thank you, that makes me feel better. I have been to a neuro, he did an EMG and said it was negative, he said he though it was benign but that we would watch it. I guess I am just worried because he doesn't know how physicly fit I was before all of this, and now I feel like I am 90 or something, it just happened so fast. I am supposed to go back for a follow up in a couple of weeks. Thanks again.
Read about myasthenia gravis. Double vision at then end of the day and muscular weakness are almost the definition of it. The definitive (almost, anyway) test you need is a single fiber EMG. You can't get one of these just anywhere so I would recommend a major university medical center or a neuromuscular clinic.
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