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Sep 27, 2006
I still cannot see where people geographically are from when I click on their name.

This is really limiting the amount of time one spends looking at a post and skipping it and going to the next. "perhaps I could help this person cuz they're in the SE USA and i know where to direct them"

Hey, love everything y'all are doing to keep this site up. :-D
Don't know what to tell you CJ. It works for me. I'll check with David if he's around this weekend. Sorry.
I can't see it on people's profile as well. Is there something we all need to do to reenter this info?

Al - does your resonse mean the location info definitely won't be showing up on people's posts anymore?
No that's not the case hopefully. We have a member offering to help fix it and I'm just trying to get hold of David to see if we can do this. Hang in there. It will get better.
It's fixed. Also you can go back in your user profile and put in your diagnosis date.
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Still can't see locations

Is it just me and Peg B that cannot see locations y'all?

I thought it might be Mozilla so I switched to IE and still had same problem.

Anyone got any ideas?
No, it is not jsut you guys. I can't see the locations either. I think david is working on it...Cindy
I can see them all. I'll call David tomorrow.
Should we do a poll to see who can't see them?
Logged in under son's name and saw no locations. Maybe there IS a problem. I'll do what I can.
Got hold of David and it's fixed. Hopefully it'll stay fixed. Night all.
Its great to see where everyones from thanks to you all. janf

I see the locations now. Thanks. Jimmercat I hope you can too.

Another glitch. Some dates and times are wrong on the main page. It says I posted at 11:37 p.m. today and it is 8:30 p.m.(my time) and the post it refers to is a different day but Cindy M's post for today on that thread is not showing. (see "The Pressure is On" also "Hello" by Peg B is not accurate time/date either.)

Just in case you guys don't have enough to do with this forum.:)

In all sincerity - thank you so much for this. It helps so very much. God Bless you. Peg
Ok gang. The forum is on Eastern Standard time. Same as New York, Miami etc. If you didn't put in your proper time zone when you signed up then your post times will be off. Go to user cp , edit options and then date and time save changes , submit or whatever and things should be ok. If you're not sure what time zone you're in an atlas should show it.
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Dear Al -

Thanks for putting up with all us idiots.

Yours truly,

Liz :)
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