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greg M

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May 11, 2004
Hi, My name is Greg Mulholland from NB. I have lost two relatives to ALS the most recent in 1997 was my father (6 months after diagnosis). Before that was in the mid-late eighties with my grandmother -on the other side of the familly.

We don't have history from what I know of the disease on either side of the familly, but...

My mother was talking to someone else with a lot od experience with the disease. She said that my sisters and I could get tested for a gene that would tell us if we were more susceptable to the disease or not.

Any help finding an answer or some information would be apreciated.

Is this something that we really want to know the answer to? My father is the second person in my family to have ALS too. Would knowing that you carry this gene make life any easier or more enjoyable. I'm afraid that in this situation it is better not to know. These are just my thoughts. There are many sites regarding this topic. Look up the latest research on the net and you should come up with several articles on this topic.

Best Wishes

Probably is something I don't want to know but I am still interested in knowing my options. From what I understand, even if you have the gene it only makes it more likely it's still not a sure thing. However with the gene it is possible to pass it on.

This is just second hand information. I am looking for more info or someone to tell me that the existance of a simple test is BS.

Warmest wishes

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