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Dec 12, 2006
I wanted to share something my caregiver (and wife) did for me that I think deserves recognition.

I was raised in a rural area. About 200 yards down a dirt road there was a large pond in a gully. Every summer the pond was populated by so many frogs, if you got close enough, you had to yell to be heard. Because of this, the sound of frogs has always made me happy.

We now live in a suburb where there are no frogs. This past spring, Jen harvested some frog eggs from her parent’s house. She placed them in a small pond in our back yard, and protected and fed the tadpoles for months. Now we have an entire chorus of frogs that sing for us every night. Little pleasures like this make life wondrous and rich. :-D

Hi Mike,

There are so many things we take for granted daily. We don't know how much we appreciated them til they are gone.

You have a great wife!

Hope you are doing well.
Mike, i LOVE what your wife did for you! The sound of singing frogs is so comforting...can you get near the pond to see them too?

Hi Jodie,

Neither of us have seen them since they graduated from tadpoles to frogs. Their voices come from all areas of the yard.

My husband thinks I am crazy. But I Love Frogs. He bought me one (not real we have plenty of those) that is laid back with his hands behind his head with his belly sticking out and his legs crossed. At night his bellly lights up (solar). It is adorable.

Your wife is very thoughtful. The little things can make such a big differnece in "Life".

If people would just stop to notice.

Hi Mike-tonight when I took Sam outside there was a perfectly red leaf laying on the ground. I used to call these "terminator leaves" because even tho we live in a part of the country that brings visitors from all over the world each fall, it still is the beginning of the end of summer.

But it is hard to think like that when Sam is around. He sniffed and poked and tried to figure out what it was. Reminds me: another fall is about to arrive with crunchy leaves underfoot and pumpkins on the back porch. So it's another autumn, but one where I can still walk in the woods with Sam. This year I'll try to stay upright!:-D

Enjoy the croaking...Cindy
Really enjoyed the frog story. I grew up in Louisiana, so I got to hear more frogs than I wanted to, even to the point of keeping me up at night. Now, I've found I really enjoy the sound of croaking frogs and cicadas when they crank up before a rainstorm, which lately, has been quite a bit. Funny that sometimes we have to miss something before we really appreciate what we had. I'm also surprised that as I get older, the simpler things in life are what really makes me happy. Sounds like you have a great wife, and I hope you tell her often. God bless. Tom

CindyM: Are you by chance from the Northeast?

Tom, i see you were raised in Louisiana. Sorry guys, but you know, if they are big enough (bullfrogs) we eat them down South. The frog legs are actually pretty tasty, kinda like chicken.....



Oh God Jamie! You know how I feel about you and your son eating creepy crawly things (remember the crawfish story!). Yuk....go get a piece of chicken or something. :eek:
Frog Legs

I am from South Alabama on the coast. I don't eat frog legs. The only thing about crawfish I like is the meat. Not the heads. Yuk! I love most all the other seafood.

Mike your wife is a Gem. I also love the sound of frog Tree frogs are so loud .We gave them in NJ Its a very comforting sound.Pat
i was also raised in the south so frogs, tabpoles, turtles my brothers brought home in jars. i say yuk they tormented me put them on me lol but i do love to here them before a rain

hey jamie, keep eating those frogs legs. sorry not me but guess what, more for you haha.

i am very thankful though for all GODS little creatures. GOD bless you all
I had kin in Lafayette, so I spent a lot of time there as a kid. Got tickled by ITR's post of eating creepy crawly stuff. Wonder if she's ever had gumbo? And yes, no bullfrog of any size was safe from the 'gig'. I hope you're hanging in there. Do you follow LSU or the Saints? One last thing for all you folks not from the south. What is the difference between southern zoos and northern zoos? The southern zoos have recipes below the critter's description, usually started with 'first make a good roux, then put on a pot of rice.' And don't forget the sweet tea! Regards, Tom
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