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Dec 26, 2006

there is a very interesting info on polish ASL forum.One member from that forum is in contact with a man from germany, who thinks he found a method to stop muscle waisting in ALS.He was searching for this method for a couple of years.On polish forum we will have every details 25th of May.It sounds very interesting.I ll translate and send it after 25th to this forum.
Anna, it is so good to hear from you. I have been wondering how you are. Did you positively have Lyme and did treatment help you? That's something I have recently been tested, again, for. Let me know and keep in touch! Leslie
Hi Anna- good to hear from you again. How are you feeling? Thank you for offering the info from Germany. I am sure if the research proves hopeful every ALS clinic in the world will be promoting the results. This would truly be world news! Cindy
Hi girls,

Im still taking abx and Im really fed up with them.Im still twitching but I cant see any progress.I dont know if abx will help me I have to do another emg to know is it worse or not.Right now Im feeling fine.I hope that method from Germany will give a hope-as far as I know that method is useful only for early stages.We will see.
Oh Leslie you should do 2 tests to be sure.Ive done PCR first and than Elisa test.I have 2 tests positive.
By the way there is a big part in polish language, but it is to hard for me to translate.I hope you know somebody from Poland who can translate it.
Hi Anna,

Hi Anna, I have been following your post. My Mother is fluent in Polish. She would be able to translate but, she lives in Kingston, N.Y. 3 hours from me. It would take a few days to have her translate. Both my parents are Polish ,Grandparents came from Poland. Where do you live? I have a friend who lives in Podkarpackie. Looking foward to your news. I'll try to help. My best to you, Beebe
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