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Apr 1, 2006
with the help of many other people I have created a free software to help PALS.
I just wanted to let you know about this.
It can be found on my website:

Best greetings,

What you have done is absolutely wonderful and so kind. I would like to say to you thank you very much for taking the time to do something like this. I know for the past six months there are times where my husband and I have unable to find things or even know about these kinds of things that are available, from both of us I say we truly appreciate what you are doing. Thank you Tom. It is people like yourself that make this world such a wonderful place to live in.

hope and sandy.
Hi Hope and Sandy!
Thanks for your nice words.
I have a long wish list already for what the software shall do in the future, but if you or others have more ideas... I collect them, so please tell me!

Best greetings!

My husband was diagnosed in September. In the last few months he is struggling with motor skills in his fingers on one hand. His other hand is starting to show weakness. He is having difficulty typing. A couple of months ago we changed to a bigger handled fork so he could eat better. He now has a device on his wheel so he can drive better. The palm of his hand is okay, it is the fingers. I do up his shirts and shoes. I help dress him every day because it can be diffficult at times for him. He is weak and can only walk a couple of blocks. He uses a scooter also. He loves to go on the computer and read here for support but would post more if he did not have the problem with typing. Thank you again for all you do for others.

Hi Sandy and Hope,
Just wondered if you have the services of an Occupational Therapist. I have one that brought me a catalogue full of all kinds of devices that can be used by those of us needing help buttoning buttons, tying laces, zipping zippers, different kinds of eating utensils, etc. I would imagine that any medical supply store would have this devices also. I will get the one that helps with buttons, as that is beginning to be a problem for me. Wish I had it so I could tell you if it works well or not!
Hugs and prayers,
I have special splints that were purchased from Sammons Preston Rolyan in Mississauga Ont. and adapted to fit my hands. They are basically a palm piece that slips on and has a pointer on the middle finger so that even if the fingers don't work if you can still lift your hands you can type. The Ocupational therapist from Toronto Rehab which I posted about Augmentative devices adapted them for a good fit on my hands. Sammons has a huge catalogue of devices for special needs people.

Thank you for sharing this information, it may be helpful to my husband.

The catalogue that I referred to in my post is also Sammons, did not know if I was allowed to say the name or not. They must be country wide, maybe US also. Lots of neat things to help there.

It is very kind of you to search for that for us. I truly appreciate the help. Thank you kindly.

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