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Nov 2, 2007
Hi I just wanted everyone to check out this link on my hubby: We were approached by abc and cbs. I know that some of us do not get the media attention but I am in the fight for all of us....
Stu this is the media attention I was talking about, lets get this together and roll with it, Lori, I am so proud to speak of you to others and tell them of ALL that you do for your brother, I know you are tired but the drive keeps going, I know because I also have this hidden energy, although I know the drive comes from our PALS! Thanks all! Call me Irma I miss you and love you! Freddie wants to give you somethings..
Here is the link: I hope I did this right Thanks jimmercat!
The link doesn't work for me. Doesn't CBS like us up here?
i dont know why the link didn't work.....It was posted in USA Today paper and then another article on the net.....Maybe I should of let the grandkids seem to know more about puters than . I will see if I can fix the link!
Boy I'm losing it today. It was USA Today not CBS. Must be bedtime.
i think that you have to do the search button and type in his name...Freddie Everett.. I told you need the kids to operate these
Freddie's article

You opened for Ted Nuggent and Alice Cooper...holy smokes! We have a true celebrity among us, folks! What a wonderful story! Keep it up,'re doing great!

Try to post your music on "You Tube" so we can all hear it.

To find Freddie's article just delete the three ... (dots) and everything after them! You will find his article under the "More News" section.

Simply wonderful! :-D
Former cals to husband, Jeff (Grumpy Old Coach): 7-5-2007
You can go to youtube and see some of Freddies music there.....I don't watch those too often....It hurts me :cry:
I miss him sooooo much, he has decided to have a trach and peg...I think that we waited to long...but I am hoping that he will pull through, his B-Day is the 26th, I opted to wait until the 30th to do this. I WANTED him to have his B-Day. And as always thanks for all the support that we get here:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Happy B-day to Freddie, and good luck with the trach and peg.
I'll pray for a successful operation.
Good Luck with trach and peg

Annette I hope you will let us know about the abc and cbs coverage when it comes about! Would love to be sitting in my living room watching your PALS. It would be an inspiration to all PALS and CALS!

Wish Freddie success with the trach and peg. He's come around from where he was when he was first diagnosed, so I'm sure his attitude will carry him through with flying colors! I'm so proud for y'all!

Happy Birthday Freddie!
You are Freddy are in my thoughts today, Netty. I hope the operation is a success and I hope Freddy has a great Birthday.
Wish Freddy a happy birthday from another birthday boy.
Netty and Freddie

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREDDIE! Netty, Thank you for your post. I do have a hidden energy. I also get very tired at times. But I do it for ALL PALS and CALS. I would Love to here some of Freddie's Music. You seen where Tim like to write songs?

Freddie's Homepage

I wasn't sure if anyone had looked at Freddie's homepage. What a wonderful gift he has. His music is remarkable. I am going to share it with everyone I know.

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