Freaking out I have ALS

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Dec 26, 2021
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Hi everyone and thank you for your time and appreciated answers.

I'm 25 years old and experiencing weird symptoms that are worsening over the time...

It began last August 2021, I felt I had less strength in my right leg to perform sport, etc ... At first, I thought it was some fatigue somehow and couple weeks after I felt the same thing in my left arm.

This kind of weakness has been worsening since then and it's propagating to other muscles ... I went to see my doctor and he told I had nothing, I did blood work and nothing. He evaluated the muscle tonus and told me it was okay (this was 2 months ago).

I'm also having twitches everywhere. One day I had a lot in my left pectoralis and one week after it was less bigger and tonic as the right one. My upper left arm joints became instable but no one seems to know why ...

The worse would be my right leg, I have difficulties to climb the stairs. Also when I'm walking I feel I have no weight on this leg like if all my weight was concentrated on my left leg. I'm also feeling that my upper body is somehow shifted (compared tom my lower body) to the right when I'm walking or when I lay. Moreover, I have some streaks on the skin like if the skin was relaxed on the glute and the leg.

Globally I lost a lot from everywhere (abdominals, legs, arms, glutes (right one became smaller than left one), and I would say more specifically on my dominant sides (I'm left handed).

Sometimes I feel acute pain like cramps. I was doing sport regularly but now I feel so weak that I barely can do what I was doing before. Even lifting a bag of errands is difficult now ...

In addition, I know that I'm hypochondriac and really anxious about my health ... I read so many stuff about ALS that I'm convinced of having it... I know that the mind is powerful bit can it cause muscular loss? Also, I have so many troubles to sleep, I think I'm only sleeping max 4-5h since last August. I do not even feel that I'm tired anymore ... I also have digestive troubles that are persistent since 8 months with no diagnosis.

Should I go to a neurologist or else? I must say that I feel like I was degrading over the time ...

Thank you for your patience and your advice.


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You should see your doctor and openly discuss all your concerns so you can be helped.
Also read this really carefully to understand why your symptoms have nothing to do with ALS.
A doctor can then examine you and start a course of treatment that is appropriate for what they decide is going on and if any further referrals to specialists of any fields are appropriate.
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