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Aug 10, 2005
Hello Everyone,

I have been on some other boards and notice that they have different threads all called something different but I think it is a great idea.... Perhaps we can have a thread that everyone indicate name, where they are from, when they were diag., or loved one was diag., how it is effecting them all things that pertain to them and the disease.

I just thought it would be a great idea. I don't have the authority to start it but perhaps one of the administrators and or senior people have a better idea on how to start something like this?

Jen :?:
Actually we did something similar a while back but there have been quite a few new members lately so it wouldn't hurt to do it again.
I went back and checked and if you go back to page 4 of General ALS Discussion under Introduction heading you'll find out who some of the older members are.
now, Al, if you are speaking about age, speak for yourself..the rest of us are young chicks here.................nice to see you back survived the wedding..did you...?
I meant older as in long time members. You know I wouldn't mess with you about age. Wedding went off pretty good but had to move it from garden to inside church. Who would have thought that it hadn't rained in a month in Muskoka that it would rain on a friday. Rest of weekend was great though. man........and I knew what you meant...I was bored at work for a change, had to throw my two cents worth in and try to trip you up......
Hi Guys,

Al knows better than to mess with us young chicks. After all he is married to one. ! I am glad to hear that the wedding was nice. That happened to Henry and I on our wedding day as well. An outdoor wedding was planned and the taill end of a tornado whent through her at about an hour before the wedding. We had to go to the church, no power, no organist, the piano was locked, no light, just candles. It was really nice however, my friend played guitar, and we got married with the lightening illumiating the church. Great photos. When we walked out of the church the sun came out. Happy is the bride that gets rained on. Well, our marriage was wonderful for all of our years, not perfect, but whos is. So, I guess your son and his new wife will have many, many happy years of wedded bliss. Anyway, how is the new baby? Thats what I want to know. God Bless your son and his new wife in their new life together. Have a good night all.

Love, Carol
It rained on our wedding day (supposed to bring good luck) and 35 years later we are still together loving each other and we even still like each other. The baby is cute as a button and very good. Not much noise. She smiles whenever I talk to her. I'll try to post some pictures of all of it later in the week.
Oooh, that's such a great story Carol....and Al got rained on too!? Those stories should be testimony to all the people that think spending thousands on a hall etc is necessary to have a good marriage!

Al - I hope you do post the pictures!

Theresa - I was just wondering about you on another thread!

We do have a lot of new people and I agree we should bring back the intro. page! Maybe I'll post something and it will pop back to the top.
On my wedding day, it was sunny and horribly hot! (103 degrees to be exact) I hope that doesn't meen my marriage is doomed! :D hahaha
well, it sprinkled on my wedding day....look how that turned out.........
I want to see pictures of baby....or see you are having a ball with her.
I loved your story Carol. We had a power failure at our wedding, someone drove into a light post and pulled out the power as our frozen desert was about to be served and the speaches to begin.......the desert melted, the whoever spoke had a sore throat after...oh well..
Melissa, what were you thinking about me?
Kim, how are you doing? Sent a hello to you via email awhile ago...did you get it?
Hello everyone,

It is so nice to see that everyone is family like in this forum... You all seem to know so much about one another... This is great.... I hope to be able to become that way with all of you. I have a great deal of happiness going on right now in my life that I can't even consume due to the pit I feel in my belly from my dad diagnosis... For the last week I am in a gloom and doom mood except for when I speak to him for I don't want him to be brought down in any way.... I am not me and don't think I can be or ever will be... My dad makes me whole I have always been daddys little girl and at 32 that does not change believe it or not.... I am so scared and everytime I hear him in a mood or he says he is tired, sore, dropped the brush cause he was rushing all of these things I think they are part of the disease when in fact they are day to day things that I make to much of..... It has been hot and he has not been sleeping all that well cause he does not have AC so I think it is cause he can't breath but in fact he can breath just fine. He is the one on the golf course fine while everyone else is sweating away and can't take it anymore....

How will I do this everyone.... I don't want to lose my dad and although I do believe that this is slow progressing and that he will be around for many years I have that piece of me that is so scared that something else is going to happen.....

I am going to strat a thread that will have everyone post there info. I will write it all down just so I have folder of everything...

Jen :cry:
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