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May 25, 2004
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Noted actor James Woods will be playing an ALS patient on the Feb.2 E.R. episode. Woods charachter is Dr. Nate Lennox and is in the advanced stages of ALS. Woods and the director and writer met with six ALS patients to research his role. Dr. Lennox's condition will be shown in flashbacks dating back to 1999. Story by United Press International.
Thanks Al:

I'd heard about this and ws wondeing when it was going to air. Thanks for the reminder. The perfessor and I will likely be glued to the tube for that one.


Over 15 million viewers per a Nielson rating I found on the net. What exposure. It'll be a tough show I expect, may require a glass of something strong :(
Hey Theresa,

I too shall join you in something of a medicinal potion. I lately have taken a shine to Tequila , don't know why, takes like you know what, burns like heck going down, the after taste is awful, but.... the afterglow is just wonderful. Go figure. I too will be glued to the tv that night. Hope that they portray als in its true form. Get your kleenex boxes ready, they will surely get a workout that night. Hope your doing okay Theresa, and that you had a great holiday season. Think of you often.

Love, Carol
Thank you for the web site Bobby, that was awesome. It shows how much time they did in creating this as a reality.

Well worth the watch...if we can get through it.
It will be a difficult show to watch without a doubt, but everyone has to be thankful they are tackling this. Look at the exposure. I think if they do a good job, we should get on the bandwagon and email the station and the show for the awareness they have provided.
On a foot note, I saw an article on the ALS home page, that Celine Dion's right hand man, friend of 24 years died in January of ALS. Now, if she would come back to Canada and raise awareness as a benefit concert, that would be awesome. Anyone know how to reach her?
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