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Apr 25, 2013
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The Maestro may be appropriate for people who:

*Are looking for a device that comes standard with a camera and Wi-Fi.
*Would like a lightweight and stylish device with speakers that can
be heard in a crowded room.
*Are learning and/or who have mastered language, literacy and
communication skills.
*Can use the touch screen or who require the ability to use
alternate access methods

Quick, Easy Communication

*A complete research-based language framework, InterAACt supports
language and literacy development.
*Sleek, stylish, lightweight design makes it easy to take your
voice with you wherever you go.
*Use the integrated camera to capture memories as they happen.
Photos can instantly be added to new and existing communication pages
or posted to Facebook.
The crisp, clear display and touch screen can easily be seen
indoors and out.

Make Your Voice Heard

*Two high-quality, front-firing speakers.
*A variety of high-quality voices.
*Digitized speech and sound ensure that your messages are
delivered as intended.

Stay Connected

*Integrated Wi-Fi make it easy to stay connected by e-mail, cell
phone and text message.
*Control household appliances equipped with infrared receivers or
X-10 controllers with built-in infrared.
*Integrated USB and switch ports make it easy to connect switches
and other accessories.

Communication On Your Terms

*The Maestro supports a variety of access methods, including touch
enter and exit, visual and auditory scanning, mouse pause
(headtracking) and joystick.
*Communicate using the strategy that works best - symbols, photos,
words or letters, exclusively or in combination.
*Use the integrated camera to capture memories as they happen.
Photos can instantly be incorporated into new and existing
communication pages or uploaded to Facebook.
*Share your personality in new ways using multimedia tools such as
the MP3 and video players.

Tools To Meet Your Needs

*Using the Department of Defense Test Method Standard for
Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests as a
guide, DynaVox engineers tailored the Maestro's design and test limits
to ensure that the Maestro stands up to the demands of daily life.
*Zoom in on missed targets with SmartZoom.
*Highlight accessible desktop items on the Windows Desktop.
*Use Smart Text Entry to access the DynaVox system keyboard
whenever a text entry field is selected in another application.
*Rate enhancement features keep the conversations flowing.

This dynavox system has only been used about 5 times for a total of less than an hour. It was meant for my mother who has aphasia due to a stroke. It turned out that the device wasnt the best solution for her. Stored in a non-smoking household.

This Dynavox Maestro comes with:

*Actual Maestro Device with Windows 7 Home Premium

*Maestro Extended Battery

*Carrying Case with Strap and Handles

*User Guide and Training Manual

~Pictures can be provided upon request~

Retails for $8,000. Asking $4000 OR best reasonable offer.
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