For all the Undiagnosed, you have to find it funny...

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Apr 25, 2007
If another person who is undiagnosed posts(IE myself) post there symptoms and concerns all the rest post words of encouragement. Things like its most likely not ALS, you are OK, etc. But if you back and read there posts, they posted the same concerns and "assume" they have ALS just as much as the next person. (IE Cindy, AnnMarie,Jamie) all assume they have ALS and tell everyone else to calm down :) This thing is a lot mental. Oh well I have my 2nd appointment at the ALS Clinic @U of PA and having an EMG tomorrow. Well see what happens...

Good Luck! I'm sorry you are going thru this. Please let us know the results of your tests.

Wish you well.

And I am

You sound in better spirits today. YOu see, AL's gotten you moving We're only trying to help

One difference....we've been here for a long time. I've been here since Oct. 06.
we've seen alot and all agree 100% we were in your shoes. We can only offer support and give you wath the odds are and they are very likely you are ok, again. there is always the possibilty it's not.

Good luck ok>.....


If your like me, you will forget 75% of what you want to show them, unless you write it down.
Yes Lou -

These people that are still undiagnosed have been in your shoes.

If there is any glimmer of hope from the results of your tests, we want to focus on that. The ones that are living with this diagnosis would not wish it upon anyone (except maybe a few politicians :twisted: ) There are many aspects to this disease, things that an "ordinary" person would not even fathom. It takes real strength and courage to face ALS, so use the bit you have now to face another day with hope that tomorrow brings good news!

Hi Lou- if I don't encourage myself to remain calm and be grateful for what is left of my health then I end up in tears all day. Folks on this forum have shown me that I will be able to cope with whatever happens so I refuse to live in fear. I really believe the best thing is to plan for the worst, hope for the best, and do all I can while I can. Not a bad philosophy for live under any circumstances, I would say. In fact, I hope to live like this the rest of my life even if I have 20 years or only 20 months! :grin: Good luck at your next appointment. We are all pulling for you! Cindy
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Hi Annmarie-I could live like this happily for the rest of my life. Seriously. For me, it's like complaining about being stuck with a rusty and worn out old car, until you see someone hoofing it through the snowstorm. But that's just my way of coping...Regards, Cindy
Lou - you are absolutely right. I do notice many forum members tell others to calm down, they don't have als, yet the doctors are telling them the same, that they don't have it.....but, they still think they do! That's why I usually try to avoid that language and offer syndromes that could also be consistent with the symptoms. After my clean EMG I would come on the forum and make sure I mentioned in my posts that I do not have als, but I have the symptoms of it and that means that I really could have it. I try to post the other syndromes that the docs like to rule out, so that a scared member can have some hope that it is something treatable. I think a lot of others try to do the same. I am really glad that you are on the path to a true diagnosis. Let us know how your biopsy goes. Leslie
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