For all of you losing sleep

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Sep 10, 2021
Learn about ALS
For awhile now (4 months)I have lurked on this forum. I never created an account, but promised myself I would once was all settled.

I started twitching heavily 4 months ago out of the blue (no covid). My legs, my face, my tongue and numerous other areas to include my chest and abs. I Cramped in 1 calf constantly almost 75% of the day. I had stiff legs. I felt weakness in my upper legs (Jello). I had burning, buzzing, and tingling. I admit Dr Google got me and to compound it all I lost my aunt to Als. In 2014. I took what the good folks said here as sound advice, and to further that the sticky is pure gold standard ( I will say wh in a second). I ran with the moderators advice. I looked at life style, I got to the Dr. (Who placed a referal). I went to my neuro appointment with good notes. I was lucky to be seen at 1 of the top 20 hospitals in the US.
I told my Neuro that I googled my symptoms. His reply " Oh dear God". He told me right off the bat you dont have Als after a top to bottom exam. He was very thourough and got an Ncs and Emg ordered. I showed him the sticky from this forum and asked is this correct. He smiled and said 100%. I was cleared with a fully clean NCS and EMG last week. With all my symptoms I was positive id see something. Not 1 fac, not 1 fib ect.
I wanted to return and tell all of you to read the sticky FIRST. Get to your Dr and let them Doctor. You can save yourself alot of lost sleep.

God Bless all of you that take your time on this site being the voice of reason. I hope/wish more people would take the advice to heart. Im sorry for the long post.
Not open for further replies.