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May 21, 2005
Gulf War Vets/Piloting/Pesticides

There is a Gulf War vet who has shared his story. It is in his book, Falcon's Cry. You can get a used version of his story from Amazon for pretty cheap but if you would like a new copy, it is around $28.00.

In his book he talks about actually running through a cloud from the "mosquito truck" while jogging around a a base in OK. He also suspects some sort of exposure (perhaps chemical weapons) in the burning wells during the war. The story is very well written.

Coincidentally, I am a pilot also. We used to have to spray a can of sweet smelling bug spray in the airplane (C-130 intl flts) and show it to customs to prove that we had sprayed. This alone I don't think causes ALS but may contribute (reason for not; there would be all kinds of aircrew that have ALS). I have also lived on the Gulf Coast since 1996 and have been 'mosquito sprayed' ever since then.

For golfers, I would bet that it is exposure to the chemicals that they use on greens rather than their physique.
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