Fluid on Knees and Pain

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Sep 11, 2007
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Hi everyone,

I know you get fluid around your ankles with ALS, but does anyone have fluid around
their knees and pain.
Also did anyone get burning pain in the muscles as they where atrophing.

How are u doing lately? are u seeing McCluskey still?
fluid around ankles

Hi Crystal,
My husband has fluid around his left ankle. His neuro said that is not typical of ALS. Did your neuro tell you differently? Also, he was told that he wouldn't have pain with ALS, but has alot of pain in his shoulders, arms and hands. He says it is different from the cramping feeling. Are you taking any prescription drugs for the fluid?
clewbcg- I am not diagnosed, but from what I understand fluid in the ankles is normal. I read alot of people get it.
Is his pain burning, besides cramping I get burning pain especially in the muscles that are atrophing.
Some people have pain and some don't . But the text book version of ALS is no pain and thats what the dr's goes by.
Is your husband atrophing in those areas of pain?
No, I am not taking anything for the fluid.

Lou- I'm declining, still no answers. Emg's still coming back normal. How are you?
Hello Crystal

I am curious about two things:

1) You say you have had clean EMG's: how many and how many limbs and do you know what the results were from them (any fibs, positive waves, fasics or increased MUP's?)

2) The burning sensation in your muscles: is that at rest or when you use them? Is the burning sensation on the skin or actually felt in the muscle or do you think it could be more bone pain (e.g. shin splints).

Looking forward to your reply.

Fluid on the knees could simply be due to inflammation due to over-working the knee joint. You said you have foot and ankle atrophy, so the knee joint and the muscles around the knee could be compensating and causing your problems. I would start with some NSAIDS (ibuprofen) and ice to see if that helps.

In the last year I have had 9 EMG's, none of them showing fib's or positive sharp waves increased isertional activity
Each 1 was 1 sided and some paraspinals and some did the tonque.

On my 1st one I had +1 polyphasic units at the 5-6/ 6-7 paraspinals but nothing showing in all 4 limbs.
the nuero contribiting to my bad neck.

Not 1 nuero wants to do the feet, I had to beg and the ALS dr did and I had A motor unit of fasc in one foot muscle
that he said is undiagnotias, Alot of people have nerve damage in there feet. 1 muscle was tremlous and he couldn't answer what that meant. and I had 60-80 % recruitment in the rt tricep. He said none of it means anything.

Other than that 1 other EMG showed 1 myotonic unit at the 5-6 paraspinal only abnormality.

I EMG showed low firing rate in 1 muscle.

Actually the burning pain is in the muscle and sometimes I get bone pain like shin splints.
the burning pain is mainly when I use them or sometimes can be at rest.
Nine EMG's? How on earth did you pull that off? Why on earth won't they do a four limb EMG on you along with the paraspinous muscles, instead of spreading them out? That just seems odd to me.
Since the EMG's are all normal, it appears that you denervated for whatever reason (autoimmune or viral etiology) and are on your way to healing . . . that is . . . if they EMG'd the atrophied muscles as well as the unaffected muscles. A clean EMG in an atrophied muscle is a good sign.
Where exactly is the atrophy? How quickly did it happen? What other symptoms do you have?
When it comes to the burning sensation: does it come and go or is it always there? Do you get it at rest often or do you have to really work the muscle to make it burn. I get a burning in my affected muscles too, but it isn't always there. It seems to come and go . . . and when it is there . . . it's accompanied by some discomfort and loss of strength. Once it goes away, the strength returns.

They were done by various drs., 4 were done by the ALS specialist.
1. my feet are atrophied and I am losing the fat pads as well.
2. my ankles are gutted out.
3. my hands are atrophied fingers curling in especially pinky and ring finger, (tons of excess skin)
I still have the muscle inbetween my thumbs and index finger luckily, but lost muscle inbetween all the other fingers and palms have flattened out and alot ogf cramping pain
I have wrist drop (not totally though) and my forearms are atrophing and getting mushy
4. I can't run, hop or skip.
5. I get muscle cramps and twitches
6 I have weakness in the atrophied muscles
7. I have tremors
8. I have facial weakness and my teeth chatter when i put them together.
9. hyper reflexes w/ clonus in my knees
10. extreme fatigue
11. stiffness

I noticed the skin on my hands and feet starting to get thin and translucent and slowly they started atrophying.
the burning sensation comes and goes, it is mainly when I use the muscle, I don't need to over work it just use it.
I get alot of burning in my feet as well.

Have you had a muscle biopsy done? What about your B12 levels or calcium... What about a liver panel....... Believe it or not but all these things can seriously affect your muscles.... Maybe the inflammation is autoimmune and what happens is your body heals itself and the EMG's show nothing?

No, I did not have a muscle biopsy yet. B-12 and calcium are normal. I don't know if I had a whole liver panel.
All the bloodwork for autoimmune stuff is normal.....as to your other post about being physical, each day it feels like I can do less and less....When I use any of my muscles they burn and cramp really badly..... I started aqua therapy today, and will see how that goes. I feel tlike I am 99 not 39......I guess time will tell.

Did you get a muscle biopsy?
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