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Apr 27, 2007
There is a thread on this already in the PLS section, but I thought this would get more traffic here. Anyway, what is your feeling on the flu vaccine as a contributor to ALS onset or worsening of symptoms? In the other thread,most felt that it was preferable to have the vaccine. A woman, who lived in the area, died of the flu and that prompted me to have the shot. Unfortunately, the vaccine I had contained mercury. I called the nurse and informed her of this situation. She will look into getting a mercury-free vaccine next year.

JMO, I had a flu shot 3 days after giving birth (body in a weakend state). Well, I could have these symptoms before, and I think some (like my left calf) were there. BUT, after that shot, I had pain and burning in my hands and feet and wrists and my knees. I now have twitching and muscle loss and weakness. Who knows? I am blessed that with these symptoms that I am not worse, so I really dont know. BUT, I will never get a vaccine again. I am nervous to get my babies vaccines, I spread them out and break them up. I have to sign waivers at school because I am behind> I do beleive in them for the kids but not sooooo many at the same time.
Very interesting. I'm due for a flu shot within the next 2 weeks at work. Does anyone have any input here or has it already been hashed over somewhere else?

This is quite interesting. I had a flu shot in 2003 or 2004 (never had them before), and I think I started feeling something like permanent infection (night sweats for sure) after the shot, and my feeling is that it correlated with progressing of my ALS symptoms. As I mentioned before, I beleive I had UMN symptoms many years before that, but it seemed to me like the shot may have started my ALS progression in earnest.
Flu Shots

I take a flu shot every year, in fact, I just took one last Friday. It has never bothered me. I am still a slow progressor and have not had the flu either.
Just my 2 cents worth.
Cindy (sdsyd )

When I went into the ALS Multidisciplinary Clinic, they approached me right away as they'd just gotten this year's batch of serum in, and they urged me to have it. - in fact it wasn't really even urged, it was more like which arm would I like it in LOL.

You might ask if the type offered where you're going to get it has mercury in it as a preservative or not. I didn't ask, didn't think they would give it to me if it did.

There is another thread about this, don't remember which forum though. :smile:

Hows the snow? (raining here)
I did read a study somewhere that they found that having the flu vaccine for 5 consecutive years increases the likelihood of being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Considering that mercury is a neurotoxin, according to one of the other posters, one wonders about the effects of such vaccines. There is also research that shows an increased incidence of Guillain-Barre syndrome after the application of the flu vaccine. This relationship has decreased in the last few years, however.
I have been getting the flu shot for at least 5 years with no flu or ill effects. Health and Welfare Canada said this year that you get more mercury from a can of tuna than from the flu shot. I don't like tuna so I guess I won't be getting much mercury.

Al, your mind is very sharp, so I wouldn't worry about any cognitive degeneration.:smile:
This whole idea makes me very nervous for my grandfather. My grandma has been taking care of him for the duration of his illness(17 months). Just two weeks ago the doctor called her and told her not to bother bringing him back in because there was nothing more that can be done. She still is very set in getting him the flu shot and pnumonia shot. I guess at this point if it makes her feel better it's okay. Any thoughts?
My husband was DX with ALS 8/07. He got a pnuemonia shot earlier this year & a flu shot last month with no ill effects. These were the first time he has ever had the vaccines.
The flu shot is not a live virus, it will not hurt you. About the only thing that it is known to cause is a slight imflamatory response. I would get one if you are worried about the affects of some of these viruses which can be fatal in some.
I think thats crasy Get a flu shot and pneumo shot,
If you get the flu YOu can die!

Yes, it seems preferable if you have been diagnosed with MND to get the shots just in case one gets the flu or pneumonia. Both can be fatal with individuals who have compromised health.
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