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Apr 25, 2007
Was most people's first symptom muscle twitching? I have a horrible case of it right now with I believe Atrophy in my arms as well. My Neuro did an EMG of my right side only and said it was OK. Can any other disease cause twitching and muscle atrophy?
Hi lhagsjr, Someplace on one of the other posts somebody posted a list of all the diseases and conditions that mimic ALS. If you do a search from the tab at the top of this screen a dozen or so threads will come up discussing fasciculations. One of them has a very handy list posted by one of our members. Hope this is helpful-Cindy
Hello, and welcome.

My problems came to light with muscle twitching, however, there are other problems that contain muscle twitching and atrophy. What exactly are you calling atrophy, have you lost weight, your arms shrunk or do you have "dents" in your muscles? Is there any weakness and / or cramping?

Can you give some information, like your age, what your neuro said in his report / testing.

Have you had an MRI of the brain?

More than likely, its something other than ALS, esp. with a clean EMG, however, if your still worried, you should seek out an ALS Clinic / MDA Clinic, as they are the experts and will be able to diag. your problem better than local neuros.

Please ask any questions you need.



1.) Yes, I had an MRI of the Brain. (clean)

2.) Both arms have lost muscle mass(biceps,triceps)

3.) "dents" in my calves.

4.) All my joints are clicking. (my shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles). They crack loud as hell whenever in motion.

5.) Im 28 years old.

6.) No problems breathing, swallowing, walking, yet....

7.) Twitching is really bad. arms, legs, hands, eyelids, neck, bottom of feet, etc for 5 months.

8.) what are conditions can cause twitching & atrophy together?
Hi all. I keep meaning to book-mark the thread where someone (was it you, jamie?) posted all the symptoms that mimic ALS. When I get home tonight I'll look it up so we can refer new members to it when it comes up. Have a good day, all my on-line buddies! Cindy
lhagsjr -

Welcome to the forum.

My first symptom was weakness in the fingers of my right hand. I did not notice any twitching or fasciculations until almost a year later, right after my first EMG. By that time the atrophy my right hand was pretty far advanced.

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