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Sep 17, 2007
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Does anyone know of any specific websites that sell clothes made for people with disabilities? I'm sure alot of the PALS on here have a problem with getting dressed and undressed. My husband says that getting dressed in the morning is the most exhausting part of his day. He is still determined to do this himself, (with rare exception)so I was wondering if there was somewhere to buy things like shirts with velcro instead of buttons, or pants with velcro instead of zippers, or elastic waists, etc. Sometimes sweat pants just aren't appropriate! Maybe someone here knows of a website that they have used and found the clothes to be of quality and have been satisfied with them? Thanks to all for any leads! :)
Glad you brought this up, Linda. Did you try a search on previous threads? I know we discussed ways to make clothing accessible- like taking off the buttons and sewing on velcrow closures. You then re-sew the buttons on top of the button hole so it looks like the shirt or waistband is buttoned.

There have been other tips as well - a lot of which I use myself. But it would be nice to see a website. Hope somebody knows of one. Cindy
Easy on Easy Off CLothes

I don't know if they sell in North America but I found this Australian site just before my PALS friend passed away. I never did contact them, but it certainly seems to have some clothing that might be suitable.
I found some pants at Penney's for my husband with elastic waist in the back. I think in the catalog they sell full elastic but he can get these up and down without unbuttoning/unzipping. There also dressing tools available to help. Special belts, button hooks, zipper pulls. One website I found was (I think) and also the ALS clinic gave us a catalog. There are also a couple of other ALS forums that I found some good suggestions on. There are also a lot of sites out there that offer clothing for various stages of disability. Like these:
What do you mean sweatpants are appropriate for all occasions!?!? :D

I've found that Dockers with the hook and clasp type closure and a zipper pull work for me. I also went to JcPenney and got some pull over shirts so I wouldn't have to deal with the buttons. I've also found slip on dress shoes for a decent price at JcPenney.
You can make zipper pulls with monofillament fishing line. I tied a loop into the zipper tab of everything that comes with a zipper. THat works for my current wardrobe, and anything new I buy is pull-on. No more buttons and zippers for me.
As we have to dress my mum... we have found that elastic waistbands are the best... there are so many fashionable clothes out there and regular stores carry them. Also, try to find clothes with a stretch to them... It's much easier to pull things on when the fabric has a stretch to them. I remember that buttons and zippers were a big problem for my mum.. sometimes a simple elastic band through the button hole is easier to stretch onto the button than putting the button through the hole (at the top of a pair of pants or jeans) Cindy's idea with the velcro is great and fashionable. Attaching a zipper pull is helpful as well.
Thanks everyone for all the great suggestions. I had googled a few sites myself, but I have no idea on the quality of the clothes. And believe me, a seamstress I am NOT!:) We have a combo zipper pull/buttoner, but my hubby has a hard time gripping them. It is very difficult for him to pull a shirt over his head even when he is bent all the way over. He said he will go on the various sites that I bookmarked (thank you again) and see if he sees anything that he thinks might work. He still wants to do all this stuff (dressing, etc.) himself, which I understand. But there comes a time when I think he needs to put his stubborness aside a little and make use of things and people that can make his life a little easier so everything does not seem like such a struggle to him. Am I making any sense?

And yes, every once in awhile sweats are NOT appropriate!:mrgreen:
I read a post somewhere by a gent who said he found some respectable looking elastic waist pants for men in the Eddie Bauer catalog.
Mom, just a catalog in the nursing home for clothes that are very easy for patients.. I will see if I can get the name of the company.. :?
Makes perfect sense Linda. I feel the same way about DH. He lets me help him with buttons and zippers, yet it still takes him almost 45 minutes to get ready in the morning (compared to his usual 15 before) and he's always so frustrated every morning which makes my mornings unpleasant as well. I just wish he'd give in to make things easier for himself (and for me!) :)

He wears a "uniform" to work every day so it's button up shirts and slacks. I'm going to mention a few of these ideas to him.

I wore my favorite slacks today. LOL I forgot I had removed the button and substituted velcro. Got confused because I sewed the button on over the button hole so it looks like it is buttoned. For a minute there I couldn't figure out how the button stayed "buttoned" even while lying on the top of the laundry pile. I forgot about the velcro that holds the waist band closed. :-D
Mike, excellent link!
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