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Jan 23, 2007
Hi all,

It's been a while since I've posted to the forum. I was received an ALS diagnosis about a month ago.

I have a question regarding fever. About two weeks ago I really overexerted myself & did way more walking than I had in a very long time. Immediately after that I developed a fever that kept spiking (initially as high as 104), then breaking & for days went from normal to around 101 every few hours. I had been over it for about a week & then yesterday sort of overdid it again during the day & that evening had a temp a little over 101, that broke last night & has been close to normal today.

Has anyone else experienced fever with overexertion? I had gone to my local doctor before & he thought it was probably viral & did not treat. I had talked to the ALS Clinic after it was already resolving & they said next time they'd want my doctor to do a CBC & some other tests, so I'll definitely follow up with them on Monday.

Just wondering if anyone else had experienced this before & what their doctor said?

I'm guessing it's probably just an infection that didn't ever quite go away from a couple weeks ago that now is coming back to bite me again, but I thought I'd check.


Sorry I haven't heard anything

Sorry but i haven't heard anything....maybe someone has. Remember to keep up your diet though. Lot's of greens (fresh spinach, fresh green beans) and lots of water are good for fevers. Sometimes just going back to basics will make you feel better.

LOL and my best remedy for everything LOL APPLE SEEDS. People ask me, "Did you just eat that entire apple? Core and all?" I just laugh and say, "Yes, I just hate throwing out food."

With the high vitamin intake from natural foods (not canned), your body will get all the vitamins and will really enhance your mood.

It's fantastic to keep up your exercise. Sometimes I wish i could live a life like everyone else. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to get up every morning and exercise for 2-4 hours every day. Sometimes I wish I could just be a normal person. keep at it rob. Never quit exercising.

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