Feet Issues

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Aug 10, 2005
I was wondering how many people that have ALS have this very same issue and if so what do you do to over come it or deal with rather?

Dad for if I had to guess at least five years is unable to walk barefoot. When dad walks around bare foot he is unable to feel the ground below him and his feet are very sensative that it just bothers him so he wears socks. However, when he does it with the socks he is still really bad he almost always has to wear shoes... I have read and unalbe to find much with this issue and ALS... Any feed back would be appreciated.

I've often wondered if others were so dependent on shoes too. LB wears shoes to get into the shower to sit and then we put them back on for him to get out.
Funny, Henry preferred to be barefoot. He wore socks and shoes only when necessary, and when it was cold. Everyone is so different aren' they?

I'm more into the barefoot routine too. Wear slippers only when I don't have socks on.
Strange I am going to be sure that we mention this to the doctor again...

This thing that is strange to me is that my Uncle has the same problem and he has MS.

I don't know I guess like you said Carol everyone is so different...
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