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Sep 27, 2006
I posted this on another forum, but wanted to post it here for caregivers that may be discouraged.

There are other really genuine people that are concerned in one way or another. Sometimes we may feel isolated, that no one knows what we are going through...

I feel good today that one person has reached out to me, a total stranger that is really from another culture or land than I, that could feel my emotions from within my body!

Sometime you MUST take time out for ourselves.

A gift of a facial/massage while visiting realatives in Orlando area brought me to an Iranian woman that had lived in Japan (escaping war between Iran/Iraq). She was a very insightful, humble individual. As she told me her story, I thought how brave she was to have gone to a new land with no knowledge of their languange in pursuit of safety and freedom.

After a while she began to relentlessly work on a muscle in my upper back on the right. She proclaimed that I must be holding something very emotional within myself as a woman, and that men would have the tightness on the left side. Was I a school teacher she asked, as she typically found this tightness in teachers. I replied, I am a homemaker and I take care of my son and my husband who has ALS.

She asked me about ALS and I gave her the full name and description of the disease. She was in disbelief, as she just had a client who had ALS that had moved from Canada to Orlando that came in last week with his wife. He was in a wheelchair and could barely speak. (He enjoyed his facial and massage.) She told me of their two children, 5 and 7 years old. He was 49, the same as my husband. He has had ALS for 4 years.

She relayed to me how sorry she was, but I told her if there was one thing I have learned through all of this it is: If you think you have it bad, there is always someone that has it worse! Be happy for what you have got and those that care for you!

Anyway, I was supposed to have a different lady give me the facial and got Sarah instead. This was a very interesting experience. I felt like I had been to see a Tibetian Monk!

She bowed to me on the way out! Too cool!

Sometimes caregivers need a release. I found mine today and have been refueled! Thanks to my SIL!

Hang tuff!


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Apr 7, 2007
Hi CJ!
Thanks for sharing that wonderful experience. I believe we all have connections at higher levels and this experience you shared I feel is a truly not just Fait - There's a reason you had this encounter. I too have had so many experiences with this type of encounter - here on the forum as well as out and about. When we are open to seeing how we are all connected, and share with eachother, these connections become more apparent. In fact my PALS friend and I are connected at a much higher level- I only know this through the experiences he and I shared B4 Dx. after Dx, because I was willing to help, even more similarities surfaced - I feel like he and I have always known eachother. - there is a wonderful CALS friend I have - who shares so many similarities w/ me - it's really hard to believe - but if we hadn't taken the risk to open ourselves up to eachother - we would have never found the connections we share.
Moral of the story, If you open your world up, it's amazing who you will find connections with.
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