Fast progressive symptoms


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Apr 21, 2021
Hello everyone my name is Aleksander I am 26 yo and I am living in UK.
In history of my symptoms which started like 8 years ago were: big attack of fatigue, numbness in one limb(I remember it started in left arm) and twitching in some parts of a body. These symptoms make me feel really tired BUT after 1-2 days I could recover to normal and carry on with me life. I was feeling like this symptoms are mostly gone and I didn’t have these “attacks” for 2-3 months which at that time I was thinking maybe I exercise/work too much/not enough vitamins etc.
So between 18-24 I was pretty alright only minor sporadic issues like I mention before I just had attacks of fatigue and numbness sporadic headaches but I recover back to normal so everything seemed fine I was thinking.

Big trouble started 3 years ago(03/03/2018) when I was hospitalised from work with weird stroke like symptoms(left side of my body was paralysed, cold also I had dizziness and slurry speech). Doctors put me into CT scan for any cardiovascular damage and scans came back alright without any major or minor issues. Same day I left hospital because I started to recover and doctors said there’s no point keeping me in hospital(again I recovered in 2 days) For me that was first big sign that something must be really bad with me but I almost completely ignored that because I told my self “I’m just overworked, its just my condition I will always regenerate and recover”. Since that time I was starting to have MASSIVE headaches(pressure on head and my muscles on my skull were really tense which I never realised before) that made it really difficult to concentrate and fall asleep so I finally went to neurologist after more than a year of struggle (it must have been around mid/late 2019) after 2 consultations with 2 different neurologist I was diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines and doctor prescribed me a drug called topiramate 50 mg a day for 6 months. Few weeks later migranes started to go away I was happy again back to life started running like 6miles every other day, bike exercising and stretching I could say I was full of life but everything was short time my “fatigue attacks’’ came back stronger than before at that time after 6 months stopped taking my medications because headaches were gone(after consultation with my doctor of course). In 2020 my most symptoms were fatigue, numbness slurred speech and muscle twitching in different parts of a body. Sometimes these symptoms last for 1-2 days sometimes for hours and I recovered everything was alright I was always pushing myself trough fatigue because I was telling myself ill always recover.

My horrors started December 24th 2020 I had another attack but this one was stronger than others. My symptoms were again massive fatigue stronger than usually, slurred speach, muscle fatigue and twitching all over body and most terrifying symptom was almost complete loss of ability to move my legs and left arm I had only partial movement in right arm(I could say I felt like I only could see what’s going on rest of my body was almost gone) After few hour of laying down I could stand up a bit but my feeling in left foot was gone I started panicking I was walking like me left leg is damaged I could barely move to do normal stuff. Since then I stopped working completely because I stopped recovering fully and my condition In last few weeks is getting worse. I have also developed problem with swallowing food and liquid, muscle twitching is more intense than ever before also numbness in legs, overall weakness I am cold all the time and my body is shivering. I had MRI scan of my head and neck on 2 days ago on Monday but I’m getting weaker every single day so I tried to move my appointment with neurologist ASAP. I also want to say I lost some weight but I didn’t registered any significant muscle lost yet.

I am not going to lie I am truly terrified because I’m getting worse symptoms and I stopped recovering like before. I apologise for long post and bad english(its my 2nd language). Could someone please tell me if my previous fast ‘’recovery’’ periods are possible for someone with ALS? I really apologise if my post is inappropriate I am just getting really scared of future possibilities.

Thank you for reading my post and have a nice day,


Nikki J

Mar 22, 2012
No ALS does not come in attacks like that. sensory symptoms like numbness also point to something else.

I don’t know what is wrong with you- clearly something is but it doesn’t sound like ALS. I hope you get answers soon!