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Oct 5, 2007
My Mother says she has 'twitches ' in her arm - like a 'pulse'. Is that how Fasciculations feel/look?
Hi Steve,

Mine are all different. Some are just like your mom says..like a pulse. Some of mine are really fast and localized...like under my watch it almost feels like my watch is buzzing...very strange. The ones in my hand are primarily in the pad of my thumb. The ones in my stomach feel like I am 8 months pregnant and a baby is kicking...or like popcorn is popping in my lower abs.. In my tongue, they are extremely annoying because having your tongue twitch just does not feel normal...usually wakes me in the night. The flank muscles are strange because they are a muscle you usually don't realize you have until it is twitching. Some days are better than others...they slow down a little in strength and and sometimes they are more frequent, but they are ALL ANNOYING! It is hard to let your mind drift away from fasciculations because they are a constant reminder that something is going on...benign or not. For me, if I am using my arm/hand it seems like I get cramps and then fascics...so I am usually rubbing my arm/hand because they are so sore. It also seems (to me) like the hand/arm that have been fasciculating are much more squishy (for lack of a better word) than the other one.

Hope you are having a great day....
Thanks for the advice. Hope you're feeling ok. Its difficult deciding what is being caused by MND and whats caused by her arthritis. Her legs have twitched for a few years due to pressure on the nerves. Just have to wait and see I guess. Take Care. :)


Midnight, I almost cried when i read about your facics, because they are so similar to mine... I guess i keep hoping these weird things are only something that my body is doing for no reason........ My first one started like a twitch at the base of the thumb, that made the thumb move. Then they were like big twitches like someone poking one spot for an hour. Then the ones in my stomach and sides feel like a pulse, like you have heartbeats everywhere. Just like when you are pregnant and a baby kicks. It's like you have something inside poke poke poking, then stops. A lot of mine know are not as localized, but more of a jiggle or shaking feeling, like jello being shook. It happens fast and goes away fast and those ones you cannot see. When my legs and thighs are over tired they get fleeting scattered twitches that feel like flutters.
Hi Samantha,
It is crazy because my thumb does move. And I totally know what you mean about the other type of fascics that are harder to see. They move quicker and through your muscles like one muscle is twitching in different places. It is a crazy deal. Did you end up getting the final diagnosed? I hope you are doing ok.

The 20th of November will be the big EMG, the one that will test all the muscles you need to test for ALS. My first one was done like that by chance and showed fibs, psw, facic, the second one done at a University hospital was single fiber and onle on two muscle because new neuro was just checking for peripheral neuropathy. The ALS clinic has set up this one so if he says ya or nay i know i can count on the correct diagnosis, hope all is well and happy halloween......Sammantha
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