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Jul 6, 2007
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Where do you usually first see fasiculations? They question my mom has ALS and we can see it in her upper arms and forearms.

Where else do these appear? I'm wondering about myself with alot of spasms and difficulty getting around.

Do they ever come and go away?

A spasm is usually painful, while a fasciculation is not. Fasciculations can occur anywhere there is a muscle--basically, anywhere in your body.
Mom has complained of pain in her arms for sometime before this was found.
In my case I get spacticity and it is worse in my legs but now affecting my arms and hands and hopefully is something else.

Spasms do not always hurt unless they become cramping or to the point of spastic.
Do fasiculations make your fingers or feet move on their own? Do spasms occur in ALS that do that?

Hey Kewanee,

So far I have fasciculations in my shoulders, arms, and legs and when I sleep I feel it more in my stomach as well and sometimes in my eyes, it is always there for a year now but sometimes during the day it is very less and sometimes it is really strong. And yes when I relax my right hand to feel them more, it happens that it makes my index finger move or shake on it is own.

muscle twitches

my first one was in my left hand and i remember how i thought it was amusing because it lasted so long........ Then they started in the left arm and my thighs. By the time i told my doc, they were all over my body which confused him into thinking it might be BFS. I never knew muscle twitching was something to be concerned about..... The twitches at first were strong and lasted a long time, then they became weaker but still there. Sometimes they feel like a normal twitch and sometimes they feel fluttery like butterfly wings going off in your muscles. Where they first developed, three months later i had visible muscle wasting.... EMG showed abnormalities in all muscles...
It first occurred in his chest, then to his arms and legs.
My fasics started mainly in my legs, but I also get them in my arms and abdomen. My understanding is that this is the firing of the motor neuron cells. They are overwoking.
Although there is no pain, I don't think it is a good thing for things to come in that area.
I get no fasics where my muscles have atrophied.
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