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Mar 7, 2006
Hi. I am a 40 year old realtively healthy female (carrying a few extra pounds after 2 kids!). A few weeks ago I started feeling twitches in what I thought were various parts of my body. They now seem to have settled into my legs - most prominent in my calf but also I can feel them in my thighs. The most shocking thing was actually seeing one roll through my calf! I feel like something is horribly wrong, although I don't seem to have any other symptoms right now - no weakness, tripping, foot drop etc.

I did some searching about muscle twitches and everything seems to scream ALS. Some information I have read says that twitches are an early sign other sources say that twitches are a later sign - when the muscle is "dying". Does anyone out there have any thoughts? Many thanks for your support!
All I can say is what happened to me:
My first sign was stubbing right toe and then limping (first 3 months)
Right calf muscle died within first 3 months and I did not even realize it.
It has been 3 years now and I still have no twitching

.............ruby from vancouver
Hi Worried. Sorry about your luck but happy you found us. My twitching started in my right calf. In Dec. 02. By the time I got to see a Neurologist in Oct. 03 I was twitching in most of my muscles.

Twitching is good. Dead muscle doesn't twitch.

I never had the tripping, or dropping things. I still have the twitches or fasciculations as they are called. Have you seen a Neurologist? If not get your GP to send you. You may have to insist as my doctor had never seen an ALS patient and didn't think I had it. Ha fooled him. Just my luck.

I've seen 5 Neuro's now. Fun wow. I hope I haven't increased your worry level but you'd better get checked preferrably by a Neuro experienced in ALS and other motor neuron diseases.
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