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Jan 17, 2006
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Hi - I am fairly new to the group. My problem is only on the right side so far and started 3 years ago. My right calf muscle has atrophied. My question: last night in bed my right foot started to lift up and then go back down. I had no control over it. Is this the start of fasciculation?...................ruby from Vancouver
Hi Ruby, Fasciculation is a coarser form of muscular contraction than fibrillation, consisting of involuntary contractions or twitchings of groups of muscle fibers.

Did you have any pain, as it might of been the muscle cramping, or spastcity/spasm.

I have fasciculation more than 10 years and a lot of yawning but diagnosed march 2004 .
Normally the symptoms go from left to right or right to left site,
it doesn't look to me the beginning of fasciculation.
Did you got diagnosed with als? Did you check your spinal cord brain or liquid?
Geia hara
PS. Jeannie nice picture!
Re: Twiching

Hi, I want to ask a question. Before and after my jaw surgery I have noticed the skin above my upper lip and below my nose twiching. Has anyone had this experiance?:(
Re: Twiching

Nope not me. Have you got fasciculations anywhere else? That is asuming it might be fasciculations but only the doc could tell.
I have lots of fasiculating, primarily the left side. I told the specialist recently about it, he made note of it but didn't offer any info. I don't think he knew for sure and wanted to check it out.
Is your specialist familiar with ALS? Some aren't. That could explain his noting the fascic's and not commenting. I've seen 5 Neuro's and 2 of them were not very forthcoming with any information. Nod : say hmmm write in the chart say you're doing pretty good and say come back in 3 months. That was about it with them. It helps if you write down questions before you go. When you ask a direct question you usually get some kind of an answer. If you're not sure what to ask look back through some of the posts and you'll get the picture.
I go to the MS/ALS clinic at City Hospital, my Dr. works under Walter Hader.
I usually expect direct answeres, maybe I didn't want to know for sure at the time in case it meant that my mouth was going the same way as my leg and hand. I will call and get it straight, living in denial is no way to go for me. Thanks Al
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