Far Infrared Radiation (5µm to 20µm wavelength)

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Nov 15, 2007
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Hi Everybody,

I was wondering if anyone has heard about this possible treatment "Far Infrared Radiation (5µm to 20µm wavelength)" for ALS. I think this is the link to read more about it http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/results?term=Amyotrophic+Lateral+Sclerosis&recr=Open&cntry1=NA:CA
I had emailed them about getting my father into the trial and when they replied one of the things which gave me some concern is they want $1500 for the equipment. I always thought that if it was a clinical trial all costs were covered. If anybody has some info about this please let me know!


Hi Doug. I've sent an email to my Neuro asking for info. I'll let you know when I hear back.
People involved in clinical trials are not asked for money. Studies are funded by either the government or the private sector (e.g. pharmaceutical companies) and those funds go towards equipment, drugs, etc.

I also did a literature search for both Kwasi Donyina, Ph.D. (the contact for the study) and Francis Sam, M.D. (the principal investigator) and they have not published a single study.

In my opinion, it's a phony study.
There are a limited number of studies with infra-red light and the only thing I've seen is that it increases blood flow, mainly to the skin. Other than that, no other benefits at all.
Well that stinks! Another dead end Surprise Surprise!:cry:
I wonder if the site is bogus. It sure looks legit. My neuro usually gets back to me quickly but hasn't. If these Toronto people are real researchers he'll know them.
Go outside on a sunny day. Its a lot cheaper and you get exposed to Far IR.

Better yet go spend an extra grand and get a 3 person sauna with Far IR.
hi everyone;
I sent Myrna (clinic nurse) the information that was sent to me for this study, but I have not gotten a reply yet. Al, keep us posted.
Sounds fishy to me. Can they really ethically discriminate on the basis of your location?
Still waiting for Zinman to contact me. He must be out of town. Usually get an answer in 1-2 days.
Hi Al,

i was wondering if your neuro ever got back to you about this?
Not yet. I'm thinking maybe he's on holidays.
Here's what my Neuro had to say.
Never heard of these guys and science doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The trial is registered with NIH but they would have to get ethics approval and permission from Health Canada to proceed.

Also, as far as I know you cannot charge patients to be in studies.


PS Our Li study has secured funding. We hope to start in Nov or Dec of this year. I'll let you know when we get closer to the start time for advertising as there may still be hurdles.

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