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Feb 8, 2007
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My sister in law has recently been diagnosed with MND (we think ALS - upper and lower). We are extremely concerned that She and her partner have not been given any advice re support groups etc. I am trying to find positive stories on the WWW. It seems to be a bit of a mixed bag with varying opinions on quality of life, diagnosis, time scales etc. Please can anyone offer advice on really good positive things?


Welcome Chaddy

Chaddy welcome to what I call OUR LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, you got to a wonderful place, you can ask for advice there are wonderful people here that can help you , your sister in-law and her partner.

Sorry I have to go feed my husband, will see you later.


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Hi Chaddy,

Welcome to the group. I have had ALS for over 8 years. I am now paralyzed from the neck down, but living a more fulfilling life than ever. For more info please take a look at my website. :-D

Welcome Chaddy

Hi Chaddy...welcome to the most wonderful place to talk to people and get advice....
welcome to the group

:? welcome - this group has been a life saver to myself and my husband. we were only given info from drs. who had not had als, just treated some. so, i truly believe the lord led me to this forum, and i have found a wealth of info here that i otherwise would never have known. no, it isn't all happy and cheerful, but als is not a happy and cheerful disease, but what you read here will be so very helpful to you. i am a care giver, and don't have the disease, but i watch my husband get weaker every day, and i watch his hope and dignity slip away also. the hope we have is that there will someday be a cure for this horrible disease, and others won't have to go through this. i read these posts every single day, and find something new that helps me, and i hope others do also. i just wish i was as brave as my husband is - i'm the one who sheds the tears and breaks down - not him. maybe he does this for my sake - i don't know, but i know i love and appreciate him for it. keep coming back. jackie
Hi chaddy. Welcome to our forum. I've sent a message to one of our members in the UK asking her to send you some information. Hopefully she will check her messages over the next few days and we will be able to help you out.
Thanks Al

Hi Chaddy, Please check your private messages

Jeannie x
Hi Chaddy,
Welcome to the life jacket in the midst of the storm. That's what the forum is to me. Something that might help if you have a particular question check the search link above and it will list comments about a lot of different topics. Otherwise, just jump in and ask anything you need help with and we will do our best to help you.
God Bless
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Thank you AL

Jeannie has been in touch and we have visited her website which has opened a new world of PALS. We only know of my Sister in law having ALS but thanks to you we are now in a much better position to understand and therefore support her.

Again, thank you

To all who have replied and helped us to begin what will hope fully be a fairly long journey. If I do not manage to reply to each individual please do not be offended. This is the first time I have ever used a Forum and I am still learning! What I will say is that you have already made us feel extremely welcome and placed us in a much better position to offer the support and encouragement my sister in law needs. My wife will also be learning how to use the forum so do not be surprised to hear from her in the not too distant future.

Once again

Thank you all

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