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Mar 20, 2008
Lost a loved one
Hi I'm new to this. We have familial MND in our family. 3 of my Dad's brothers and sisters died from MND/ALS so we know how bad it can be. I'm looking for any helpful or positive suggestions, anything at all.

I'm mostly concerned for my Dad now who may have MND himself and is having tests in a specialist neurological centre in Birmingham, England. My Dad's symptoms are a mixture of typical and not so typical. Please stick with me while I try to describe them:

Dad has a lot of difficulty with speech. He may have had a mild stroke 2 years ago, which had a small effect on speech. Over the past year his speech has deteriorated to a point where he is hard to understand unless you know him and both he and us have to try really hard.

Swallowing is becoming more difficult and Dad has lost a lot of use in his tongue. Muscles in his face have also atrophied.

My Mum has developed an amazing nutritious and tasty menu for him that is easy to swallow.

So far, MND symptoms, right?

Other things: Well Dad is, I'm very proud to say quite active and strives to do things and be independent. Dad has no problems with his limbs. Dad walks, shops, gardens and even had a go at football with my son this weekend. Dad is very brave about the speech problems and still goes shopping on his own and just writes things down if they do not understand him.

Dad has also had a lot of chest discomfort for about 10 years, which doctors have really failed to give a diagnosis to. Maybe this is something separate to ALS does anyone else get chest discomfort?

Dad does not have tremors in his limbs although he is slower than he used to be.

Does this sound like MND given that he is active and is limbs are not obviously affected? I know the speech, swallowing and tongue problems do seem like MND.

Please any advice would be much appreciated.

Wishing everyone on this forum love and support.
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