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Jun 11, 2008
For the past few months or so I've had some slightly weird symptoms on the left side of my face. My face feels slightly numb on the left side from about my eye down to my lip and cheek. I get eye twitches in mostly the left but sometimes the right eye. This morning I woke up with a twitch on the left side of my nose.

ON top of this I've been salivating a lot more lately I can only get few a few sentences or so without having to swallow. Kind of a annoying. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

it could be facial spasms. i have them on my right hand side of the face(hemifacial spasms) caused by irritation/inflamation of the facial nerve or neurological damage to the brain stem like a lesion/umn/ pseudobulbar palsy.
it can involve around the eyes or lower face/jaw or both,there are names for each type .
i only have it in my right lower jaw but its not a twitch more a forcefull contraction that distorts the right side of my mouth and pulls it in towards the left, very distressing.
i do tend to dribble sometimes from the right side of mouth.
i too have excess saliva that pools to the front of my mouth and have to keep swollowing,if i dont it trickles to the back of my mouth and i choke.
look up facial spasms on google and theres info there on kinds and causes.
take good care

I also get the left side facial stuff exactly the way you are describing. I don't have the twiching on the side of my nose though, the eye twitching comes and goes when i am really stressed and is a common thing in normal people. In one of my brain scans they noted I had a thickening in my left sinus in my cheek. When I looked up the symtoms of that it did say it could cause numbness and pain on that side of your face.
Thanks Crystal... so from your response are you saying that the left side facial stuff could be ALS related or not, I'm confused :)
I have a friend that had Bell'l Palsy and it looked and sounded similar. His lasted about 6-7 months. I'd get that checked before starting on your will.

I am undiagnosed. Very few people with ALS on here have complained about facial numbness and I know the one said it was in her chin, it's not a common symptom. It is actually more common to have facial numbness in MS. Are these your only symptoms? Have you had any mri's or any other tests yet. If these are your only symtoms I would really not be worried about ALS.
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