Face twitching?

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Sep 28, 2007
Is there face twitching associated with ALS or mostly large muscle twitch?
I think with ALS it is mostly large muscles, but maybe a PAL will answer that. I do know that with myopathy I get facial twitching. Sometimes it feels like a hook is pulling my lip up!
I am as yet un-diagnosed but most everything else has been ruled out at this stage - I have facial twitching. The neuro told me that with ALS, the facial twitching is not typically in the eye area but in the cheeks, lips, jawline. This is where I have it. :(
Well I went to U
niversity of Michigan a month ago because of weakness to my legs and pain to the muscles in my thighs. I also had EMG which were normal. I have twitching of about every muscle in mu body including my thighs, calf, sides, shoulder, back, ect... But in the past 3 days my left ear and my muscleabove my upper lip have been twitching.
U of M says I don't have ALS but did not give me any reason why they did not think I didn't.

The twitching is worse at rest or when I relax. I am getting really concerned because now it feels like I have a lump in my throat. I have had that for a week now.

Thank you for your responses.
When my husband was at clinic last week he asked the doc about some twitching he has been having in his eyelid. She told him it is most likely not ALS related, but from stress. I agree! I have had the same twitching myself lately! (gee...I wonder why?!)
The bridge of my nose twitches so much my glasses actuallly move up and down Pat
I was diagnosed in July and I have had facial twitching, mostly above my upper lip.
I've got a lot of twitching, but NOT in the face. I do get the lump-in-the-throat feeling, stiffness in the neck and weakness in the neck--now I understand why Stephen Hawking goes around with his head to one side! Gosh I'd like to put on a neck brace sometimes, but i'm afraid artificial support would make the muscles weaken faster. My hands have been atrophying for almost three years, but I've kept up a LOT of bicycling, and so far my legs are still strong. No way to know for sure if the exercise is what has kept my legs from atrophying, but it apparently hasn't hurt.
I am not a Pal, but I am a former Cal. Is there face twitching associated with ALS? According to the issues that my late son had long before being diagnosed'ed, "yes." I do remember that he had issues with twitching aove/under his eyes, around his lips, and other facial areas. How well I remember that, but then I knew nothing about this damn disease!

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