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home again

Mar 18, 2007
Madison Heights
Good morning everyone,

Just had Mom to the doctors, her first visit since moving to Michigan. She is still losing weight so I have a call into her dietician. But she is also now having problems with excessive mucus. She has been leaking quite a bit, which we know is part of the ALS; however, now it is thick and she is choking on it and it is coming out of both nose and mouth. We asked the doc about what we could do and he said he did not know. Should I may be talk to a neurologist or her pulmonologist about this? Is anyone here on anything that has helped with this problem. I would like to try and nip this before it gets much worse. Any info you all could give me would be quite useful. Thanks!

Home Again
My mom is also having the same problem. She's had a suction machine since February, but the thick mucus is still difficult to come up. In fact, we had to call 911 about a week ago because she started to choke on it. She's unable to swallow and very weak at coughing. Another thing that compounds the issue, is she has allergies as well which creates more drainage. I sure would appreciate some advise.
Another one from Michigan
Hi there. Has anyone suggested a cough assist machine for either of your mothers. They sometimes help to get up the thick mucus. Your Pulmonologist should be familiar with them. In other threads people have suggested coca cola will help break up phlegm. Decongestants might be worth a try to dry up some of it but be sure to use non drowsy. Hope some of this helps.
Thick mucus

Hi.....I, too, have had problems with phlegm and mucus. I tried the coke thing which helps a little, Also take Robitussin DM and Mucinex DM. Also have a nebulizer which I use three times a day and a Cough Assist machine I use morning and night. My husband also uses his cupped hand to pound on my back to loosen everything up. That really helps but try to avoid the spine. Hope this helps a little. Keeping it thin and loose is the main thing. Good luck and God bless. Sharon
My husband was put on Elavil to help with sleep and drooling. It dries you out. but you need to also keep hydrated as much as possible, which can be difficult with swallowing issues. This was advised by speech pathologist.

Thanks everyone. Mom has an appointment with her pulmonologist on Tuesday and I will ask her about some of this. What a blessing you all are.
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