excessive dehydration

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Oct 7, 2006
I have developed a very dry saliva. lately. It's not the phlegm I used to choke on but it's like I have Elmers glue in my saliva. I thought it had to do with dehydration but if I drink more water it only helps a little. Do vital organs get affected by ALS? Does anybody have a cure ? Not the dry moth solutions either because they don't do the trick. Thanks for any thoughts.

I'm not real sure how to answer your question. I've been looking into the saliva/drool problem for my husband. I know if you are on allergy or antidepressants, these would dry your mouth out.

This is what I found about thickened saliva:

"Papayas contain papain, which is an enzyme that breaks up proteins. Eating papayas, drinking papaya juice, or drinking a solution of crushed papain tablets in water can liquefy thick saliva. Drinking a solution of meat tenderizer (which contains papain) in water is another alternative."

Haven't tried it yet on husband though, so don't know if it works.

Sorry can't be of more help.

Papaya fruit and juice came up as a solution on another thread. It's wroth a try and probably has a few extra vitamins in it as well! :smile: DOn't know about the meat tenderizer but it seems to make sense. I wouldn't use too much of it though. Might make the tongue tender. (pun intended.) :smile: Cindy
Hey Brentt, hey guys,

I do have lots of saliva and mucus problem which was even disabling me from brushing my teeth. I was trying lots of stuff and now I am enjoying brushing my teeth over and over 3 times by day, really happy. I am just having meat on dinner which keeps my mouth very dry and I am also eating lots of milk chocolate which is really keeping my mouth very dry it and I will go back to the other thread where we have been discussing throwing up mucus to add some tips for teeth brushing.

Papaya Might just do it. My family enjoys eating papaya so I may need to add it to my daily diet. Thanks for the tips.
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