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So Encouraging

I can not even begin to tell you all how grateful I am. Iam vasilating back and forth like a dog returing to its vomit, because I have no where to go. I have been so sick that even the thought of making a new change right now is overwhelming. As is all of this stuff.
I continuw to hang on knowing that I am not alone. You all are here, and even though I do not get the answers from God I know he's listening.
Tomorrow I go to the neuro surgeon to hopefully get SOME resolve from all of this torture I am experiencing. It is sucking the life right out of me.
You are all so precious and I truly pray God's best life and blessing for your every moment.

Hello Cindy

Hi Cindy, Very well put, you put into words what I feel about this Forum. I had read the posts and wanted to respond and then read your post. Perfect! Robin you have children, think of them they need you, cherish every moment you have with them. Alcohol will not solve your problems, only make them worse. Don't give your husband a reason to keep them away from you. Try to be strong for them! My Best to you ,I hope you find some help when you see the Doctor.. Fondly, Beebe
Thank you, Beebe, that is nice to know. Robin- I hope you get some good answers at the doctor's today!
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