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Sep 19, 2006
Hi, Ive only posted a couple of times. I have learned alot just by reading posts. Very educational...
My EMG was abnormal on all the muscles down my left side...
The Nuero said the nerve part of the test was ok, But the muscular part is what was abnormal

What exactly does this mean? Does either part of the 2 refer to determining ALS or something else...
EMG Report

yours is exactly what mine was. Do you have twitching?
Yes, They drive me crazy... But my twitches are not localized. They are all over...

Are yours that way...?
And do you have any other problems maybe similiar to mine, Vertigo almost daily. I am always running in to things.
Spells that come and Go. Lasting from 2 weeks to a month or 2...
Left side arm and leg weakness....
left shoulder looks as if it is drooping, Maybe from atrophy, or something..
Also I have alot of pain in that shoulder blade around to my rib area. Almost like something is squeezing me on that side.

Let me know. Its always great to find someone that maybe experiencing what I am..
I am undiagnosed right now.
But My insurance will be back in effect soon and I will continue to find something out.
It has been a year since I saw my doctor last.. But he really was concerned and told me, I defenitly had something going on...
He mentioned a few suspicions at that time,. MS, ALS. But we didnt get to test much after the EMG..

Thanks, Hope to hear from anyone experiencing any of the similairities....:-D
If they told you that your problem is with the muscle and not the nerves then they are telling you that u dont have ALS. ALS is a problem with the nerves. I will write more later when I have time...
Thank you, I would sure appreciate it!


I believe the nerve portion is the nerve conduction, and the muscle portion is the needle EMG. The nerve portion is normal with ALS and polymyositis and other diseases. The muscle portion is abnormal in these. I don't know exactly what you are referring to when you say the nerve portion, but I believe this is what they likely meant. There are a number of things that can give you abnormal muscle portions of the not diagnostic of anything per se..they need more tests.
Running into things

Hi Lisa:
I also was running into things on a daily basis...doors, walls, furniture, and when I walked outside I was falling against building walls! Finally got myself a walker last November to use outdoors...and inside I walk hanging onto furniture. I've also found if I walk with my feet pointed outwards...I don't fall against stuff! he he

We really think its from the muscles on the outsides of the legs not working to hold me upright.

I have fasciculations mostly in my legs, although the neuro did witness them also in my arms and tongue after my nerve testing and EMG, which by the way, were normal.

I have major leg pains at night, from the spasms and cramps...and have just been started on baclofen, on the advice of people here. I'm also on gabapentin....and will gradually increase the dosage of that from 900 mg/day to 1800 mg....depending on how the baclofen does. I have been having muscle weakness in my upper legs for a year now, trouble doing stairs, getting off toilet, out of chair etc.

I go to my neuro on the 22nd of this month in Toronto, ON (I also have frontotemporal dementia), and hopefully she will order some further tests to see if we can get some sort of diagnosis before too long.

I've learned to just take each day as it comes....and enjoy what we can!

his interpretation of the EMG is not correct. They tell how the nerves are interacting with the muscles by the EMG potion.(needles). If they are telling u its your muscle then its NOT ALS...

is correct though when he says the Nerve Conduction studies are NORMAL in ALS...
Oh, I see what you are saying. Thank makes sense...

Thanks, I really appreciate everyone's input and opinions..............

lisa stated that she was told that the muscular portion of the emg was abnormal. AS far as I know, there are only 2 components to a basic EMG...neural conduction and muscular electrical, which includes muscle activity as well as reaction of muscles from neural input. both myopathy and motor diseases show abnormalities in this area. without more info, you cannot know what is meant my "muscular is abnormal." If they had said the "muscles are abnormal," then you would know it is not ALS.
Im sorry guys for any confusion, I will get out those results tomorrow and write down the exact results.
Maybe that will help.....
thank you....

Sorry it has taken me a while to post these EMG results. My husband was in a terrible accident, so I have been pretty busy...


Examination shows trace weakness on the left and lower extremity. Sensory examination is intact...

the left median, peroneal, and tibial CMAP shows normal distal latency with normal amplitude and normal conduction velocity. The left ulna CMAP shows normal distal latency with normal amplitude and slowing across the elbow in the conduction velocity. The left median,ulna, left peroneal, and tibial F-Wave latencies show normal latency.

The left median sensory response shows a borderline latency with normal amplitude.

A limited EMG examination was performed of the left upper and left lower extremity muscles using a disposable monopolar needle. There is noted to be chronic neurogenic changes seen in the tibials,gastrocnemius, and hamstring muscles on the left side and also seen in the FDI biceps, triceps, and adductor longus muscle.. These findings appear chronic..

IMPRESSION::: this is a abnormal EMG conduction study.
1 The findings shown on the EMG examination are suggestive of a chronic myopathic process.
2 There ia a mild left ulna entrapment neuropathy across the elbow.
3 There is mild left carpal tunnel syndrome..

In this patient the consideration for a muscle biopsy is needed....

If anyone can respond and let me know what they think about these readings, I would appreciate it... Thank you..... and sorry it took awhile to get it posted...

I guess the good thing, is it says neurogenic changes, but it does not state Fib's and PSW's, which are a char. of ALS. YOu likely have a myopathy, not ALS.

sorry to hear about your hubby, when it rains, it pours.



wow, thats encouraging. I sure hope your right!

Everyone has been so helpful on this site. I will defenitley keep you posted when I get my diagnosis....
Last night was awlful. I was in so much pain in my left shoulder around to my rib area. I just couldnt hardly stand the pain. I took an Ultram which helped some.. My poor husband was trying to care for me. But I felt bad because I wanted to be taking care of Him. lol
He had his leg crushed 4 weeks ago on the oil rig... And we spent almost 2 weeks in the hospital . he got compartment syndrome and ended up having 2 surgeries. So yeah, you are right, when it rains it pours..
So, if everyone will keep our family in your prayers. i would appreciate it...

Thanks for your time.
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