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Oct 18, 2022
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I've had bad cramping and twitching all over my body but not constant for about 8 months now and I've had slight muscle weakness on my right side. My right leg and right arm are both 20 % weaker than the other side. the imbalance is also on my back and chest. Which is weird to say the least and it's slowly getting worse, Neurologist took mri's said I have white spots on my left frontal lobe but not consistent with any ms patterns. Neurologist sent me off for emg and just got results. I included actual emg table as well. I would like any input you awesome folks might have. The day of the emg I didn't twitch during the actual test. So I don't know if it's actual accurate or what.


Doctor Notes:


Motor and sensory conduction studies were done with surface
recording electrodes. EMG was done with a concentric needle

Sensory conduction study of the right sural median and ulnar
nerves reveal normal amplitudes and peak latencies. The peak
latency difference between the median and ulnar palmar sensory
nerve action potentials is normal.

Motor conduction study of the right median ulnar peroneal and
tibial nerves reveal normal amplitudes distal latencies and
conduction velocities. The minimum F-wave latencies of these
nerves are normal.

Needle examination of selected muscles in the right upper and
lower extremities was done. There is no abnormal spontaneous
activity in the form of fibrillations or positive waves. There
was some mild polyphasia in the EDB which is very common and of
uncertain significance. The remainder of muscles tested in
regards to recruitment and activation are normal.

This is an unremarkable study of the right upper and lower
extremities. There is no electrical evidence to suggest the
presence of mononeuropathy polyneuropathy plexopathy
radiculopathy or other pure motor process.


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You really need to discuss the results with your neurologist.
The EMG here shows nothing, just as the Interpretation says. Your neurologist can discuss what they find on examination with these results and make a plan with you on what is next.
Someone with ALS would have very different results, so this is great news.
Even if you had been twitching during the EMG the results would not have changed as twitching alone means nothing at all.

As we are not doctors and have never seen you, that is really as much as we can say.
I hope you return to full health soon.
Please don't go down the rabbit hole of trawling around the forum here trying to be smarter than your doctors.
Log off, and go get medical advice. it is the best thing you can do for yourself.
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