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Oct 4, 2007
St. Paul
Hi there,

Just thought I'd post an update to my earlier thread ("How bad is the EMG? from mom of 2"). (I know this should probably go in the "Do I have ALS" section, but since I posted here earlier I thought I'd update here too; hope that's OK.)

I had it today; it was not fun but only four of the 20 needle sticks hurt badly. Thanks to everyone who responded to my question; it really helped to be prepared. It also helped to read through this forum and realize ahead of time that I would not get a diagnosis on the spot.

My results were abnormal in the legs and feet, as we expected from the constant, visible twitching. My arm and back were only slightly/subtly abnormal. She said we'll do a MRI, then possibly some blood tests. Barring any findings, we will just wait and I will see her every six months. If the twitching doesn't get worse and if I don't develop any muscle weakness, then she would confidently say after five years that it is benign (it's already been a year). The longer it stays relatively unchanged, the better. So - the news was as good as it could be at this point, and we just need to try not to worry about it and live our lives. It has really made me think about how I can improve the way I am living my life, though, and I intend to do some things that have been on my "to do" list for some time but never seem to get done ... things that would be meaningful/important for our daughters, etc.

Anyway - thanks again for the earlier advice, reassurance, kindness and humor. This forum is awesome and I really appreciate it.

BTW, one of my friends wished me good luck on the EMG, then told me his daughter was talking about a new Disney Channel show called "Twitches," and he wondered if it was a biopic about me. He then apologized for needling me with his sharp sense of humor. :) Gotta love it. (Believe it or not, it's a real show about twins who are witches.)

Peace to all of you,
This is good news and really helpful information! I hope to join you at the 5 year mark! thanks for sharing-I didn't know that.

Funny how a scare like this puts your priorities in order, isn't it? I find myself spending much more time with friends and family, and really focusing on what is happening in their lives. I used to think a diry house was bad-now I would rather spend more time with my family. Cindy
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