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Feb 21, 2019
Hello All...

37M Aussie Pilot Here...

I had an emg in March last year due to muscle twitching and was given the all clear.

Last year they tested the following

R Deltoid
R Triceps
R First D Inteross
R Tib Anterior
R Gastrocn (MED)
R Vast Medialis
L Tib Anterior
L Rect Abdominis
L Trapezius

Now since that tested I have noticed an increase in twitching on the left side and a “feeling” of weakness on the left side.

Due to the nature of what I do I had to have a review study so I had this on Thursday.

Now I mentioned to the neuro and the tech that the problems have been mainly on the left side.

So they did a motor NCS and tested the following:

R Median - APB - Wrist
R Ulnar ADM 2 Point - Wrist
R Ulnar FDI - Wrist
R Comm Peroneal - EDB (ankle and fibhead)
L Comm Peroneal - EDB (ankle and fibhead)
R Tibial Malleolus - AH (ankle and knee)
L Tibial Malleus - AH (ankle)

They also conducted and emg on the following:

R Biceps
R Triceps
R Abd Dig Min (UL)
R Genioglossus
R Vast Medialis
R Tib Anterior
R Gastrocn (Med)
L Vast Medialis
R Rect Abdominis
R Trapezius

The final conclusion was all clear and comments were:

“Normal Lower Limb Nerve Conduction Studies and emg. There was NO electrophysiologic evidence of a large fibre peripheral neuropathy, polyradiculopathies or anterior horn cell disease”

My concern is that they only tested the right side this time around with the EMG and the symptoms are in the left side.

I did tell them and wrote a note with all the symptoms and made sure they new the problems were on the left.

Now I am a little concerned they missed ALS because they never tested the left side where the problems are more noticable.
It is common not to test the more affected side in case a muscle biopsy is required, since needle trauma from the EMG can skew biopsy results. The hallmark of ALS or any other systemic neuromuscular disease is signs of damage on both sides and most muscles.

Your summary says very clearly that you're good to go, but feel free to post the table of test results as well. And as far as anyone's missing ALS, you haven't described any features of ALS -- wonderful news. Enjoy the friendly skies!

Thanks for the information..

Attached is the emg summary.

I did not think its worth posting the NCS report as its a lot of confusing numbers.


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