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Aug 16, 2007
I asked our resident expert (Jamie of course) about this but wanted to see what others think too. As you know, my first EMG showed abnormalities (+ve sharp waves and fibs) - they physiatrist who did it said it meant that I had a cervical radiculopathy (the MRI done after this said NO radiculopathy). Hence, 3mths later, they decide to repeat the EMG at a neuromuscular clinic. The subsequent two EMGs were normal!
This seems to be the case with Annmarie too - though I know you haven't got your full report yet Annmarie. And now Sammantha's previous "dirty" EMG is showing clean.
So where do they go, these +ve sharp waves and fibs? How can you have them and then have them disappear. Or is it just that different technicians have different criteria for determining what is a +ve sharp wave or not?
Annmarie, I recall you saying that a radiculopathy is a "maybe" for ALS. Do you have radiculopathy confirmed on your MRI. Mine was so clear the neuro said "no cord impingement, you could drive a truck through that". So I know for sure that my neck is not the issue yet the abnormalities werent there on the other EMGs (though I still think that my results were affected by the meds I was taking - ativan and neurontin)
It is all just so confusing. I am seeing my neuro next week now to get the results of the latest CTs and MRIs, bloodwork etc. Trying not to think about it for now.

It's a bad week, i can tell. Hang in there ok, get your kids and go spend some time with them, that's what makes weeks go by for me. They are my limelight, my strength!

You know, i think everyone will agree, an EMG is only as good as:
1) The person conducting it
2) The muscle "area" they test,

hence, there is alot of room for error

Some dr's say a negative EMG is almost concrete evidence of no ALS, but, i'm just not sold on that, i don't care what thte docs say. All they have ever done was read text books and look at people, that's no discrespect to them, but they haven't lived the nightmare and you just don't understand unless you have.

If i were you, i would request a copy of the actual EMG report, not just a "findings" report. There is a report they have, it will show the actual muscle tested, thne show all the diff types of abnormality possibilities, under each column it will say either WNL or Abnormal and the number of abnormalitites.

They cannot deny you your medical records, if you request them, they must give them to you. You may have to go as far as i did and have your local doc request the specific reports then get them from your local doc.

Hang in there, there are alot of us in the same boat here, it's a little weird, it seems there are alot of us unknowns hanging around, almost like there is some type of other neuromuscular issue out there?

HAve you ever thought about an SSRI to help you cope with what's going on. Wellbutrin did the trick for me, i had to try like 4 types before i found the right one. I tried Lexapro (made me more emotional), Paxil (Couldn't get outta bed next day), Effexor (Made me feel like a space cadet........."") and finally, wellbutrin---i didnt' feel nothing which is waht the right one is supposed to do and a few weeks into it, it will help you cope with what's going on. It made me a better person and i wish i had discovered it years ago.

try to have a good day.

Take care,

I just found out on my first EMG studie that 13 muscles had fibs, psw, amp, and increased recruitment. Nine were normal. The last EMG that the doctor claimed (Not ALS!) tested only two muscles, they both were muscles that were normal on my first. Why do i have to have ALS for the neuros to care about my muscle problems? I really feel they are missing something like Jamiet referred to in his post...... Maybe a new or different neuromuscular disorder. Either way i stilll have muscle wasting and weakness, luckily it seems to be progressing slow...
Here's a thought: we are healthier than people were in generations past. And we have better preventive care and better resources than even our parents enjoyed. So maybe MND used to rip along at lightening speed due to those factors. Now that we are stronger, it takes longer? Just a thought... Cindy
Sam - how about insisting upon a muscle biopsy. Since you have had a positive EMG in the past it seems they would be willing to do it for you. You can't stop trying to get a diagnosed and treatment, your too young!
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