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Jul 8, 2017
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Our mother is totally paralysed with just eye movement is on trilogy ventilator and we are managing her at Home since December2010 .she do not require any oxygen support (able to maintain 96-98 o2 levels on own) unless there is some infection. Last week she went into serious condition , unconscious and breathing difficulty continued for 5 days and body became chilly and sweating for initial 2 days and oxygen level dropped till 77 and heart pulse reached till 160. She was able to maintain 89 oxygen with 8litre of oxygen. Secretions were coming with mixed with blood. We given treatment with IV injection of forzid 1g BD, gentamycin 60mg BD along with hydrocortisone 100 mg BD . Daily zolfresh 5 mg and alphrax 0.25 was given to relax and get sleep from breathing difficulty situation whenever required . Intensity of breathing strain continued but it helped to slow intensity. When she got alert ..breathing difficulty intensified and BP shoots up to 184/97 and pulse rate around 147. She shown signs of slight improvement every day at every level And after 5 days of treatment today.. Her oxygenation reaching to 96 with 4 litre of oxygen and pulse at 70 in sleep and gets slightly higher with breathing strain to 110. Secretions coming clear. Hopefully she will be fine in another couple of days. I was searching web and found this positive theory of hydrocortisone treatment recently.(links below)
Syphilis may be a confounding factor, not a causative agent, in syphilitic ALS

Historical evidences of this treatment having positive to complete cure/reversal for all symptoms of ALS.

Posting these details here as i am willing to continue the same treatment for 21 days as mentioned in this study. So looking for opinion here if anyone tried here with this combination of treatment? Looking forward for this community members opinion.Thank you for your support.
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