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Mar 6, 2005
The issue of embryonic stem cell research far exceeds als. i strongly encourage all pals, families and friends to educate yourselves and speak out on behalf of your choice to support or not support This type of stem cell research.
i know that this is a touchy subject for some people but i have to agree with you. this is an area that holds some promise for researchers. and we have known about als for over a 100 years. since no break through has appeared so far i think we must forge ahead in whatever direction offers the best hope for a cure. this is one of those times when the religious right has been a terrible deterrent to the progress and enlightenment of mankind.
NJ Stem Cell Bond Initiative

Stem cell research is crucial to curing many diseases, such as Alzeheimer's, heart disease, and juvenile diabetes. As a resident of New Jersey, I am proud that an initiative is being proposed to further expand the stem cell research field. What is necessary is for NJ voters to urge the NJ state legislature to let them, the people of NJ, decide on $230 million for stem cell research in November of this year (2005). This money would go for the implementation of the Stem Cell Institute of New Jersey, a necessary institution to use stem cells to their greatest protential and to find more ways that stem cells can help and save more lives.
For those of you that believe that embryonic stem cell research is ultimately, eventually going to happen anyway (so why not get started and save more lives sooner?), I urge you to sign these online petitions:

Senator Feinstein Stem Cell Research Petition:

People of Faith Petition to President Bush:

If you had to choose between rolling someone in a wheelchair out of a burning building containing a stockpile of 5,000 embryos or saving the embryos which would you choose? How do we value life compared to potential life? The answer is obvious to me.

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