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Aug 11, 2007
when i was at a surgical center seeing my doc for my gallbladder there was this man, maybe in his seventies sitting near me. We all waited a long time.. Well this man had faciculations all over his whole body. Just like the ones you see on the web. They were non stop and in every muscle. the mans, upper shoulders stuck out and were very boney. He got up from his chair fine but the area around his knees were all tendons, AND aound his elbow! When he stood up i noticed a scar in the back of his neck and the doctor that called him was a orthopedic doctor. I thought oh my gosh this man may have ALS and they are butchering him trying to diagnose something else. It reminds me of when my first neuro said the muscle wasting in my hand and wrist was due to carpal tunnel and he had an EMG done. The muscle part was abnormal but the NCV was normal. At my follow up appointment he told me i had carpal tunnel or ulnar nerver entrapment and i might have to have surgery, he then prescribed me a wrist splint. Well when i got my records and learned what NCV and EMG was there was no way it was from nerves... Every NCV i have had since then is normal. He would of done that surgery i know it! Anyways i thought i would write about that man, i felt like saying do you see a nueorlogist by chance? Then i thought why say anything it is not my place and why get him closer to a diagnosis of ALS, let him think it is somehting else(gosh now i am worrying about perfect strangers, time to take my anxiety pill! ; )

What other conditions cause faciculations all over this man's body non stop?
BFS could cause the fasciculations but not the skinniness you describe. Old people do get scrawny in some cases due to improper diet. That being said I have noticed a tendency of some docs to write off older folks. Why waste health care funds on them? They've had a good long life. Let them die in peace seems to be what they think. My dad is almost 94 and still lives on his own. I'd be mad if he was treated that way. My rant for today.

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