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May 25, 2004
NW of Toronto
It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell of the passing of Elaine. She was a member of the forum since Oct. of 2004, shortly after her diagnosis of bulbar ALS. I had met her shortly before that and in the short time we knew each other we became friends. We both knew that with ALS our time as friends might be short. We were together on Sunday at a fundraiser for ALS. She was happy to be helping out for the cause but seemed resigned to the fact her time might be short. We talked about decisions that have to be made and she expresed that she would let her faith decide her fate. She passed quietly in her sleep last night. Her avatar next to her name showed an angel next to a white cloud. I don't know why she picked that one but maybe she knew more than we did.
She will be sorely missed by her husband, son and daughter,family and friends in the ALS Community in Peel.
Thanks Al:
She said that she liked angels... now she can be one. I hope her time here has been as good for her as she's made it for the rest of us.

Hi Al,

Although I never had the pleasure of chatting with her on a posting. I took the time this morning the go back and read some of her postings. She seemed very sincere and kind in her words. My heartfelt sympathy to her family. What a blessing to hear she went so peacefully.
I couldn't agree with Michele more...such a blessing to pass peacefully in her sleep. I can only wish that for any of my loved ones. If it is your time to go, I can't imagine a better way than to pass away in your sleep. I send my best wishes to her friends and loved ones. I am sure this is a very difficult time, especially with the holidays around the corner. I will keep her family in my prayers.
Thanks Al for the heart felt announcement. As Al mentioned, some of us attended a fundraiser for ALS last Sunday. It took place in a local sports bar, where her friends had been organizing a weekly draw for prepackaged meat boxes. In support and in replace of our monthly meeting, we decided to say thankyou to those who attended every Sunday, and supported the cause.The people we met that afternoon were amazing. There were so many of them who came up to Elaine and gave her a hug, so happy to see her.
She was a true advocate for awareness, and was a very active partipant in our Walk.
For her sake and her family, I am glad she went peacefully, for that is what she wanted. But for many of us who knew her and saw her a week ago, it is overwhelming.
Isn't it wonderful, Theresa that you guys were able to do that last week.
I loved Elaine's angel and her comforting and helpful posts, it must have been great to know her in person.
My sympathy goes out to her family and friends.
My heartfelt sympathy goes out to Elaines family and friends. She is free at last! She is whole again. I enjoyed our discussions and her imput to the forum and she will be sorely missed by us all.

Stay Strong, Carol
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