Effective antidepressant?

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Hmm... I definitely don't want to be stuck with these kinds of side effects, nor waste more time and energy suffering through these any more trials. I definitely need to be sedated haha. It is honestly becoming a struggle to keep carrying on... I will email my NP and ALS team nurse about Remeron. Thanks for the info.
Lexapro for me, too. Literally life changing. Where in Alberta are you?
How did you find it when you started, and how is it now? Did you switch from something else?
I'm from Edmonton! :)
This discussion is good. And. It is really important to find a knowledgeable prescriber who knows the pros and cons of all these drugs. Everyone is different and metabolizes drugs differently. A knowledgeable prescriber will help you understand your needs and the benefits and drawbacks of each rx, and find the right medication for you. The trauma of living with ALS is unique. And, PALS health will continue to change and demand new rx help. It is essential to find a good prescriber. Peace.
I am on Paxil. It’s great for my anxiety with little side effects. Sorry that you’re having such a hard time.
The major side effect of Paxil is weight gain. Lots of weight. It messes with your metabolism big time. So anyone on Paxil should be aware of that.
HI, I am in Calgary. I was only on Lexapro and I noticed the difference in my anger and irritability almost immediately. I was much more patient, less stressed out, and functioned much better l call it my miracle drug, accept the downside is some weight gain. 🤷‍♀️
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