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Aug 1, 2007
Hello everyone. I would like to share something I've been doing om my own. Although I don't have a definitive diagnosis, I'm suffering from neurological symptoms like cramps, muscle spasms, hiperreflexia and other things. I read on this forum and in another places that marijuana is good for this disease, but unfortunately I can't get here where I live, even if it is for medical purposes. I found in another forum information about another herb which have cannabinoids that are the compounds of marijuana that is believed to help with the disease. This herb is called echiacea purpurea and is easily found as a supplement. Since then I started taking the 400mg formula three times a day. After some days the neurological symptoms has got better. They didn't disappear but they are far more tolerable now. The other thing that I found interesting is that this plant is supposed to modulate the immunological system and other day I read that there are new findings linking the immune system with the disease. I'm not claiming that the plant cure something or that make the disease not to progress. All I know is that it's helping me with the neurological symptoms. For the first time in almost a year today I'm having a day close to what I can say "normal". I'm not having cramps. I'm still having some muscle spasms and fasciculations but not as much as before. I even stopped taking clonazepam to see if anything changed and it appears that it is the herb that is doing something. I too don't have any side effects until now. Maybe is something that pals can discuss with the doctors. I'm not saying that anyone should take it, since I don't have any scientific proof of anything, I just wanted to share this with you, maybe it's something that can be tried. I hope it can help others, but I think it should be discussed with the doctors. I decided to give it a try since I don't have many other options here where I live.
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