Early stages of diagnosis process. Confused.

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Nov 22, 2020
Learn about ALS
This is my first time here and I am in early stages of diagnosis process. I am very anxious about ALS although I have had some reassurance it is far too early to become obsessed over this.

I am 59 years old and over the summer started to increase my biking and physical activities. I normally bike about 10Km a day or walk 30 min. Mid august I got a painful thigh cramp while shooting baskets. I found it unusual. A few days later I had a sudden cramp on my right thigh while simply sitting at desk. 2 days later I got a sharp neck pain, then pain in right shoulder. Then left shoulder felt like it dislocated doing a simple task. All of these incidents were brief but painful. I had no history of such muscular issues.

A week later (Sept 5) while biking my right leg suddenly lost strength- like it had a 25lb weight attached. I was later unable to walk more than 5 min without exhaustion. I normally needed to lay down after with flu like exhaustion. This continued day after day until I initially had cardiac tests, leg artery/vein scans and was later referred from cardiology to neurology.

Office motor tests were fine but I think brisk reflexes on one side. A cerebral MRI was done that was clean. Blood tests showed no abnormalities. The struggles to walk continued and I started noticing muscle twitching in right calf and simultaneous right bicep aching with leg aching on simple walking. EMG was done last week which I believe was also normal. Now I am getting additional cramping in fingers resembling arthritis and shoulders painful to raise arms.

It is now continued into November and Im waiting full MRI of spine. My neuro is being very evasive when I ask the possibilities of ALS, probably because she knows I have anxiety issues. I am unclear on what she has eliminated and am naturally terrified and frustrated on how my mobility and quality of life has deteriorated so rapidly and progressively over 4 months.

I should mention that there are random days (3 or 4) over this time period where legs seemed to function almost normally for unknown reasons.

I am very confused, do not have a family doc and becoming very distressed.

Any feedback would be wonderful.
Not open for further replies.